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The Damned Die Hard OB – Official Update 2015

Invasion of the Philippines
Historical Campaign Scenario
DEC II 41 to MAY II 42
Initial Conditions.
Japanese-Owned Territory: The Japan, Ryukyus, Formosa, Central China, South China, South China (Hainan), Tonkin, Cochin-china, Palau, Yap, and Marianas holding boxes.
Note: The Okinawa Holding Box is now the Ryukyus Holding Box with a north section – Amami Oshima, and a south section – Okinawa. Amami Oshima is 3 NPs and 12 air MPs to Okinawa, while moving between the map and Okinawa remains unchanged.
Accumulated Production:
Air RPs: 6 (IJA); 10 (IJN).
Army HQ:
Activation (WoR, Rule 37I) 1941-45: 3
ZOI radius (WoR, Rule 14C) 1941-45: 3
Imperial Japanese Army:
14th Army.
Ryukyus (Holding Box:
Amami Oshima:
1×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf III                                    16-20
1×2-4-4 Static X                                           16HC
1×0-1-6 hv AA [II]      AA=1                            60Y
2 Rsc Pts
Formosa Holding Box:
1x 6 Army HQ      AA=1                                    14G
1×18-22-8* Mtn Lt inf XX                                    48
1×4-6-6* Lt Inf III                                              16-9
1×2-4-4 Static X                                                48HC
1×2-8 Tank [II]                                                   7r
1×1-8 Amph Tank [II]                                         4r
1×1-8 lt Tank [II]                                                A
1×1-8 Pol [II]                                                     14G
5×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                                 3Dr, 10Dr, 21Dr, 26Dr, 28Dr
1×1-2-5 Cons III                                                 A
1×0-1-6 RR Eng III                                             8
2×1-6 Art [II]                                                     8DYr, 9DYr
1×1-2-8 mot AT [II]                                          A
1×0-1-8 mot hv AA II      AA=1                        40Y
3×0-1-8 hv AA II      AA=1                               45Y, 47Y, 48Y
2x 8 mot TC (1 RE)                                       16-Div, 48-Div
8 Rsc Pts
Maru-1, Maru-2                0/TA/2                  1-0/E2/5
   Dai-1, Dai-2                      0/LC/G              0/E/2
Pescadore Islands: Mako:
1×8-12-8^ Mtn Lt Inf [XX]                               65HD [unsupported]
1×3-2-8 Art III                                              1Y
1×2-1-8 Siege Mtr II                                     15J
Palau Holding Box:
1×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf III                                    16-33
1×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                            6Dr
1 Rsc Pt
Maru-10, Maru-11      0/TA/2                       1-0/E2/5
   Dai-10, Dai-11          0/LC/G                         0/E/2
16th Army:
Japan Holding Box:
Honshu: Southern Operations Strategic Reserve:
1×15-19-6 Lt Inf XX                                           2
1×2-4-4 Static X                                                 43HC
1×1-2-5 Cons III                                                 B
Kyushu: Southern Operations Strategic Reserve:
2×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf XX                                         56-113, 56-148
1×3-2-6 Art III                                                    18Y
Note: There are additional units available under the 16th Army but those units are directly assigned to the 16th Army for operations against Java.
Palau Holding box:
1×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf III                                          56-146 [Sakaguchi]
1×2-4-4 Static X                                                 56HC
1×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                                  2Dr
1×0-1-8 hv AA II      A=1                                     44Y
5th Air Division.
Formosa Holding Box:
4x 3F4                                   0/15                       Ki-27b
1x 3B4                                   2-3/U/21              Ki-21-Ic
3x 1LB3                                 1/17                       Ki-30
2x 2NLB3                              1/22                       Ki-48-I
1x 0T2                                   0/23                       Ki-57-I
1x 0T2                                   0/10                       Ki-59
10th Air Unit:
1x 1A2                                   1/12                       Ki-36
1x 2D2                                   2/10                       Ki-51
Formosa Strategic Reserve:
1x 0NT2                                0/L/23                   Ki-57
2x 0NT2                                0/10                       Ki-59
1x 0NT2                                0/21                       MC-21
1×1-5 Para-Cmdo II                                             2TR
Note: The code L on a type T means it can airdrop paras; when using more than one air transport, only one of the code Ls need be included to air drop. All other type Ts may not air drop.
16th XX Breakdown Box:
1×13-19-8* Mtn Lt Inf XX                                 16
65HD X Breakdown Box:
3×2-4-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                                       65HD-122, 65HD-141, 65HD-142 [two btns each]
Available Breakdown Components:
2×6-8-8*/5-7-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                        48-1For, 48-2For
1×4-6-8*/3-5-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                        48-47
3×4-6-6*/3-5-6 Lt Inf III                               2-4, 2-16, 2-19
2×1-0-8 Recon II                                       16-Div, 48-Div
2×1-3-8* Mtn Art III                                    16-22, 48-48
1×2-3-6 Art III                                            2-2
Note: When using the 1×1-0-8 Recon II, place a [(-1) hit marker] on the division or on any one regiment of the division.
Imperial Japanese Navy:
3rd Fleet.
Ryukyus Holding Box:
Amami Oshima:
 1×2-5-4 Baseforce X     AA=1                           1T
GB-1, GB-2                          5/DG/D                1-0/4
1×0-2-0 Baseforce III                                       RyuT     
Formosa Holding Box:
1x 1T2                                   0/L/55*                G3M2-L
2×2-5-4 Baseforce X     AA= 1                            2T, 31T
1×1-5 Para II                                                      3Yoko
1×1-6 SNLF I                                                     A/SNLF
S. Maru                                  5/VS/2                1-0/F/7
1x F1M2                             3F2                    1/SF/7
Ashigara                               19/CA/3               2-4/8
Maya                                     19/CA/3               2-2/9
Kuma, Naka, Natori                 5/DC/1                 0-2/M/9
Asas-1                                   17/DD/A              6-16/9
Shirat-1                                14/DD/B               5-16/9
Muts-1                                 10/DD/C               3-12/M/8
Kami-1                                  10/DD/C               3-6/8
W7-1, W13-1                        9/DM/E                3-0/M/5
Tomo-1                                7/DT/E                  2-2/7
GB-3                                      5/DG/D                1-0/4
Hayatoma                           0/AO/3                  0-0/O14/5
Palau Holding Box:
1x 4F3                                   0/15                      A5M4
1x 2B2                                   3-4/VB/53             H6K4
2x 1NT2                                0/L/33                   L3Y-1
2×2-5-4 Baseforce X      AA=1                            30T, 32T
2×2-3-6 SNLF II                                                  1Kure, 2Sase
1×1-2-5 Para II                                                   1Yoko
1×1-6 SNLF I                                                       B/SNLF
5×0-1-5 Cons II                                                  1,3,5,6,9
1×0-1-5 Cons II                                                  2Oil        [historically to Tarakan oil center; may be used as a cons unit]
Ryujo                                    3/VL/2                  2-0/C3/7
1x 4F3                               0/C/15                  A5M4
1x 2A2                               2-2/VC/19              B5N2
Chitose                                 2/VS/2                  1-0/VC/7
1x 3F2                               1/SF/7                   F1M2
Mizuho                                 2/VS/2                   2-0/F/6
1x 3F2                               1/SF/7                   F1M2
Haguro, Myoko, Nachi          19/CA/3                   2-4/8
Jintsu, Nagara                     5/DC/1                      0-2/M/9
Kage-1, Kage-2                   17/DD/A                    6-16/9
Shirat-2                                14/DD/B                   5-16/9
Maru-1 [CX]                          5/DG/E                   1-0/4
ISY-1                                    6/DM/C                  1-0/M6/4
3 Mine Pts
W17-1                                   9/DM/E                   3-0/M/5
Maru-19, Maru-20,
Maru-21                           0/TA/2                       1-0/E2/5
Dai-19, Dai-20,
Dai-21                           0/LC/G                     0/E/2
Maru-12, Maru-16           0/TR/2                           0-0/E/4
DN: A note on mining: the IJN used the mines to seal the straits on the eastern side of the Philippines and Davao.
Palau Garrison:
1x 4F3                                   0/15                      A5M4
1x 1A2                                   1/SF/21                E13A1 (IJN)
1×0-2-4 Baseforce III                                           3T
1×2-3-6 SNLF II                                                  5Sase
1×0-2-5 Nvl Trps II                                               6Yoko
1×0-1-4 hv AA II      AA=1                                   3T
1x M-13                                5/DM/E                1-0/M3/4
11th Air Fleet.
Formosa Holding Box:
(21st & 23nd Air Flotillas)
3x 7F5                                   0/23                       A6M2
DN: These three air units are carrier trained, but were never used in that role.
3x 7F5                                   0/17                      A6M2
6x 4NB2                                2-4/VU/45              G4M1
3x 3NB2                                2-3/VU/32             G3M2
1x 2B2 (aborted)                    3-4/VB/53              H6K4
1x 1T2                                   0/55*                    G3M2-L
Formosa Garrison:
1x 4F3                                   0/15                      A5M4
Sas SNLF III Breakdown Box:
1×5-6-6 SNLF III                                                 Sase
Kure SNLF III Breakdown Box:
1×5-6-6 SNLF III                                                 Kure
SNLF II Breakdown Box:
1×2-3-6 SNLF II                                                  1Sase
DN: The SNLF IIIs in Glory will have IDs of 1Comb thru 8Comb (1 thru 6 at start) which correspond to the Japanese SNLF ‘regiments’. These regts were sometimes given names, such as the Kure SNLF, but in Grand Glory the units will have numbers so that any combination of battalions may be the components. The SNLF II Breakdown Box allows the Japanese player (historical) to break down SNLF IIs into half components. This practice was used both in the Philippines (1Sase) and against Wake/New Ireland (2Maiz).
No change.
No change, except for changes listed below.
#2) Japanese Engineers
Units to which this applies:
4×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                                  6Dr, 10Dr, 26Dr, 28Dr
#3) SNLF Paratroops
Imperial Japanese Army
Imperial Japanese Navy
1×5-3-5 Para III…Yok.
Ignore any reference to 5-3-6 Para III and 1-5 Para…2Yoko & 4Yok.
1×1-2-5 Para II…2Yoko and 1×1-5 Para II…4Yoko
DN: The 2Yoko and 4Yoko are not para-trained.
#7) Upgrading Units
Ignore any reference to the listed upgrades.
DN: The 65R is a six battalion brigade with no artillery, and though its six sister brigades in Japan were converted to divisions, the 65R never was as it was diverted to the Pacific as separate parts. (Later in the war a 65th Div was raised independently.) Also, these brigades are not actually reserve units but instead are referred to by the Japanese as infantry groups (HD). These units were holding units for the excess trained infantry from the training command.
The 4th Division is changed in the upgraded OB and is shown with its normal strength, but is missing 3 strength points.
The Japanese have a number of heavy artillery regiments that are small units (btns-sized). Their artillery regiments are normally either, 16 or 24 heavy guns – 105mm or 150mm. The small “regiments” are normally 8 guns – 105mm. These units did not change/upgrade as this is the IJAs standard TO&E.
#8) The Japanese Imperial General HQs Strategic Reserve
Any forces listed in the upgraded OB as ‘reserve ‘are considered part of this CR.
Listed items that are part of Imperial Japanese Navy.
Available in Southeast Holding Box:
2x 7F5                                   0/17                       A6M2
DN: These two air units are part of the Yamada Naval Air Group (Kok), 22 Naval Flotillas, based in Cochin-china. Note that there are no land-based A6M2s available in Japan at this time. Also, only the A6M2s of the Tainan Kok on Formosa were upgraded to the new range.
Available at Hainan Holding Box:
Ignore. Including ’assembly’.
DN: The 2Yoko is not a para unit, but it is available as a SNLF btn. Historically it invaded western Borneo – 1×1-6 SNLF…2Yoko. The 4Yoko is not available in TDDH as it is part of the Garrison of Hainan and it is in its naval guard mode. In Glory, SNLF IIs may convert to naval guard units (and back). The 17 range Zeros will begin upgrading to a 23 range from the MAR I 42 turn in the campaign OB.
#9) Baseforces
Baseforce (port construction) brigades may break down as listed below:
1×0-2-4 Baseforce III                                       anyT
1×1-2-5 Nvl Trps II                                           anyT
1×0-1-4 hv AA II      AA=1                                anyT
4×0-2-4 Baseforce III…1T, 2T, 30T, 31T, 32T
4×1-2-5 Nvl Trps II…1T, 2T, 30T, 31T, 32T
4×0-1-4 hv AA II       AA=1…2T, 3T, 30T, 31T, 32T
DN: The 3T has no parent brigade as it has no naval guard unit. Instead the 6Yoko served in that role.
Imperial Japanese Army:
G                                         gun                        [army]
HD                                      hohei  dan               [infantry group]
KT                                       keibi tai                  [guard unit]
SK                                      sempaku kohei        [shipping engineers]
DN: Additional:
1-A5M4. The A5M4 (Claude-II) has its range augmented as its long range includes a total of 490 liters of fuel, with a 160 liter drop tank.  Now, with 330 liters of on-board fuel, it has a range of 658 miles (1092 KM+/-), resulting in a ratio of fuel use of 1.99 liters/mile. The additional fuel provides for a 32% increase in range, or 490 liters multiplied by 1.99 ratio, equals 975 miles [975 divided by 64=15]. In addition, there were also attachments on the wings for two 133 L drop tanks ca. 1941.
[JACAR Ref. C01004536600 “Type 97 fighter…”]
Note: All reinforcement entries remain unchanged except as listed below.
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Transfer to East(Wake Island):
1x Chitose
1x F1M2
Imperial Japanese Army:
Formosa Holding Box:
Maru-3 thru Maru-9       0/TA/2                           1-0/E2/5
   Dai-3 thru Dai-9                                           0/LC/G  0/E/2
Remove Sh. Maru
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Formosa Holding Box:
Maru-14, Maru-15           0/TA/2                         1-0/E2/5
Dai-14, Dai-15,               0/LC/G                     0/E/2
Maru-13, Maru-17,
Maru-18                           0/TR/2                   0-0/E2/4
Imperial Japanese Army:
Formosa Holding Box (Arrive from Japan):
Ignore entry for 65R and 1×2-6 Mort II…2.
2×2-4-4 Static X                                                 61HC, 63HC
Hong Kong Holding Box (Arrive from 23rd Army):
1×2-1-8 Siege Mtr II                                            2J
Brunei Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
1×1-2-6* Lt Inf II                                                 K3 {C-124} [Watanabe]
Brunei Holding Box (South Army West Wing):
2×1-2-6* Lt Inf II                                               K1,K2 {A-124, B-124}
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Palau Holding Box (Return from Wake Island):
1x Chitose
1x F1M2
Brunei Holding Box (South Army West Wing):
1×1-6 SNLF II                                                    2Yoko
1×0-1-5 Cons II                                                  4
JAN I 42
Imperial Japanese Army:
Hong Kong Holding Box (Transfer South Army West Wing):
1×13-19-8* Mtn Lt inf XX                               38
Note: The division may be ‘purchased’ this turn only as it has been reassigned to the Sumatra, Java, and Ceram ops.
Available Breakdown Components: Remove:
Any components of 38th Division if div has not been purchased.
Hong Kong Holding Box (Arrive from 23rd Army):
1x +6 Art [XX]      AA=1                                   1HS
1×4-2-6 Siege Art [II]                                       1DJr+
1×0-1-8 Mtn Art II                                            20D
1x 1A2                                   1/12                 Ki-36
1x 2NLB3                               1/22                 Ki-48-I
Available for Assembly:
1×15-10-6 Art [XX]…1HS
Note: (Glory) Place artillery components in 1HS Breakdown Box and place the 1HS counter on map; 1HS counter: ½ RE size, no HE; adds 6 artillery strength points to attack/defense strength when stacked with artillery units – a total of 4 REs of artillery may be absorbed by the 1HS Art HQ, treating the HQ and artillery units as a single unit.
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Transfer South (South Army West Wing):
Ryujo                                    3/VL/2                  2-0/C3/7
1x 4F3                               0/C/15                  A5M4
1x 2A2                               2-2/VC/19           B5N2
Ashigara                               19/CA/3               2-4/8
Maya                                     19/CA/3               2-2/9
Naka, Natori                          5/DC/1                 0-2/M/9
Asas-1                                   17/DD/A              6-16/9
Shirat-1                                14/DD/B               5-16/9
Muts-1                                 10/DD/C               3-12/M/8
Imperial Japanese Army:
JAPAN Holding Box (Transfer South Army West Wing):
1×15-19-6 Lt Inf XX                                           2
Transfer to South:
1x 0NT2   0/L/23                                             Ki-57
2x 0T2   0/10                                                  Ki-59
1x 0T2   0/24                                                  MC-21
1×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf III                                       56-146
1×1-5 Para-Cmdo II                                         2TR
1×1-8 Amph Tank [II]                                       4r
1×1-2-8 mot AT [II]                                          A
5×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                               3Dr, 6Dr, 10Dr, 26Dr, 28Dr
2×0-1-8 hv AA II      AA-1                                45Y, 48Y
Maru-4 thru Maru-11     0/TA/2                         1-0/E2/5
Dai-4 thru Dai-11          0/LC/G                     0/E/2
Available Breakdown Components: Remove:
Any components of 2nd Division.
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Formosa Garrison, Release:
1x 4F3                                   0/15                       A5M4
Palau Garrison, Release:
1x 4F3                                   0/15                       A5M4
Transfer to South:
3x 7F5                                   0/23                       A6M2
3x 7F5                                   0/17                       A6M2
1x 4F3                                   0/15                       A5M4
3x 4NB2                                2-4/VU/45              G4M1
2x 3NB2                                2-3/VU/32              G3M2
1x 2B2                                   3-4/VB/53             H6K4
1x 1T2                                   0/L/55*                  G3M2-L
2x 1NT2                                0/L/33                    L3Y-1
8 ARPs
2×2-5-4 Baseforce X      AA=1                             1T,2T
4×2-3-6 SNLF II                                                  1Kure, 2Kure, 1Sase, 2Sase
1×1-2-5 Para II                                                   1Yok
1×1-5 Para II                                                       3Yoko
4×0-1-5 Cons II                                                  3,5,6,9
1×0-1-5 Cons II                                                  2Oil
Maru-1                                 5/VS/2                   1-0/F/7
1x 3F2                                  1/SF/7                   F1M2
Chitose                                 2/VS/2                  1-0/VC/7
1x 3F2                               1/SF/7                   F1M2
Mizuho                                 2/VS/2                  2-0/F/6
1x 3F2                               1/SF/7                   F1M2
Haguro, Myoko, Nachi   19/CA/3                         2-4/8
Jintsu, Nagara                    5/DC/1                     0-2/M/9
Kage-1, Kage-2                  17/DD/A                  6-16/9
Kami-1                               10/DD/C                 3-6/8
W7-1, W13-1                      9/DM/E                   3-0/M/5
ISY-1                                  6/DM/C                 1-0/M6/4
2×5-6-6 SNLF III                                                 Kure, Sase
Imperial Japanese Army:
Convert: 1x 8 mot TC (1 RE)…48-Div   to:
3x 8 mot TC (1 RE)                                            48-Div/A, 48-Div/B, 48-Div/C
Transfer to South:
4x 3F4                                   0/15                       Ki-27b
1x 3B4                                   2-3/U/21                 Ki-21-Ic
1x 1LB3                                 1/13                       Ki-30
1x 2NLB3                              1/22                       Ki-48-I
1x 2D2                                   2/10                       Ki-51
1x 0T2                                   0/23                       Ki-57-I
4 ARPs
1×18-22-8* Mtn Lt Inf XX                               48
1×1-8 lt Tank [II]                                          A
1×0-1-8 mot hv AA II      AA=1                     40Y
1×0-1-8 hv II      AA=1                                 44Y
3x 8 mot TC (1 RE)                                     48-Div/A, 48-Div/B, 48-Div/C
Available Breakdown Components: Remove:
2×6-8-8*/5-7-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                           48-1For, 48-2For
1×4-6-8*/3-5-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                           48-47
1×1-3-8* Mtn Art III                                      48-148
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Transfer to South:
Maru-14 thru Maru-15
   Dai-14 thru Dai-15
Maru-16, Maru-18
FEB I 42
Imperial Japanese Army:
Transfer to South:
3×2-4-4 Static X                                                43HC, 48HC, 56HC
1×1-2-5 Cons [III]                                              B
Transfer East (Rabaul):
1×0-1-8 hv AA II      AA=1                                  47Y
Imperial Japanese Army:
Central China Holding Box (Release from Southern Operations Strategic Reserve):
1×16-19-6 Lt Inf XX                                           4
1x (-3) hit marker                                             any
1x 8 mot TC (1 RE)                                          4-Div
Available Breakdown Components: Add:
3×4-6-6*/3-5-6 Lt Inf III                                       4-8, 4-37, 4-61
1×3-6 Art III                                                      4-4
1×1-0-8 Recon II                                               4-4
Imperial Japanese Army:
Convert: 1x Ki-36   to:
1x 2D2                                   2/10                   Ki-51
Imperial Japanese Army:
Tonkin Holding Box (Release from Garrison):
1×3-5-8 Mtn Lt Inf III                                         21-62
1×1-3-8* Mtn Art III                                          21-51
MAR I 42
Imperial Japanese Army:
Singapore Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
1×2-8 Tank [II]                                                   2r
1×1-2-6 Eng [II]                                                 23Dr
1×1-2-8* Mtn Art III                                            3D
1×1-2-6 Mtr II                                                    3C
1×2-1-6 hv Siege Mtr II                                      14DJ
2 Rsc Pts
Imperial Japanese Army:
Formosa Holding Box (Arrive from Japan):
8 inf RPs
French Indo-china Holding Box (Arrive from Burma):
2x 3B3                                   2-3/U/17                Ki-21-Ib
2 ARPs
Formosa Holding Box (Arrive from South Korea):
2x 2NLB3                                1/22                      Ki-48-I
Imperial Japanese Navy:
Singapore Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
1x 7F5                                   0/17                       A6M2
2x 3NB2                                2-3/VU/32               G3M2
1x 4NB2                                2-3/VU45               G4M1
1x 2A2                                   2-1/V/19                 B5N2 [land-based]
2 ARPs
Note: Reuse previous transferred counters.
Imperial Japanese Army:
Formosa Holding Box (Arrive from Japan):
8 inf RPs
Brunei Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
2×1-2-6* Lt Inf III                                              K1, K2 {124}
‘K’ Breakdown Box:
1×4-6-6* Lt Inf III                                              124 [Kawaguchi]
Imperial Japanese Army:
Singapore Holding box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
1×4-6-8* Mtn Lt Inf III                                        41 [Kawamura]
APR I 42
Imperial Japanese Army:
Singapore Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
2x 3B4                                   2-3/U/21              Ki-21-Ic
1x 2NLB3                              1/22                      Ki-48-I
Transfer to Japan:
1×2-8 Tank [II]                                                   2r
Imperial Japanese Army:
Japan Holding Box (Transfer to Burma):
2×4-6-6* Lt Inf III                                              56-113, 56-148
Note: The 56-113 and/or the 56-148 may be in play, in this case, transfer.
MAY I 42
Imperial Japanese Army:
Singapore Holding Box (Arrive from South Army West Wing):
1×4-6-6* Lt Inf III                                              2-4

Jan IV 1942


Weather – C & Calm, 12 – Mud & Stormy, 13 – C & Calm

Shipping Infantry RPs from Mindanao, the 48/2 For III is rebuilt at Iba where its sister regiments join it along with a fleet of TAs and LCs. MacArthur sweats in his bunker at Corregidor in fear….. The Yok Para Regiment forms up at Bayombomg with transport aircraft joining it. Zeros base at Iba to protect the transports.

Three Light Infantry XXs assault the F 41st XX with attached odds and sods NE of Cabantuan but are rebuffed by the stubborn defenders (2:1 = AS)

In Mindanao, the last supplies are used to execute an attack on remaining US forces in the island. The 38th XX and 16/9 smash the Filipino defenders at Malaypalay (3:1 = HX) before exploiting through to the outskirts of Del Monte airbase. The Mixed Transport unit is overrun on the air strip. West of here the US 41/163 III and 43PS III with Art support are attacked by Japanese forces but hold their ground (1.5:1 = AS) The US forces are cut off from the north by the 16/33 that marched over the mountains to arrive SE of Malabang. Surrounded, the troops wonder what to do…….


In an all out effort to sink the transports at Iba and thwart whatever nefarious schemes the Japanese commander is planning, all available US planes attempt to attack the ships. 2 A-24s, 1 B-17, 4 P-40Es, 1 P-40B all attempt to sink the IJN units – no escorts are flown. Amazed at the daring spirit shown, the IJN and IJA air interceptors abort all attack and bomber craft, kill and abort half the fighters while AA aborts another two P-40s at the last moment. Only one lonely looking P-40E is left for its attack run and it is ineffective. It is suggested that if caught in similar circumstances, that a more effective tactic would be the ram the ships with the planes. Supreme Imperial HQ thinks this might be a good idea.

At Del Monte, the B-17s evacuate to Zamboanga while the 2nd F III arrives at Cagayan from Mati by sea. At Malabang, the airbase is destroyed by US construction troops who take to the rougn jungle terrain north of the town. The US 41/163 and 43 PS IIIs with attached artillery head south to Cotablato where Merch 2 and 3 await to transport them to safer areas.

Res Pts are sent by barge to Cebu, IJN forces miss them in the dark. IJN commander orders an increase in floggings to “splice the jib of the swabbies” or some other nautical term. [Note: For some reason the allied player elected to send RPs from Luzon rather than Cagayan where there was a tidy pile of RPs and Merch 2 and 3. This area was under serious threat from IJA units advancing from the south. C’est le guerre de papier, I suppose.]

1 Res Pt is then moved by Transport counter to Dipolog from Cagayan.

[Any reasonable player would have offered his opponent the chance to rethink these moves – unfortunately I thought my opponent had some cunning plan up his sleeve (like relocating several units from Luzon). So I didn’t.]


Feb IV 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – R&C

Units of the Yok Para III embark on transports and land unscathed from US fighter interception at Cavite – totally undefended by the Allies. The sons of Nippon launch a massive sea landing at Nasagubu and Batangas, using the Formosan regiments as the main forces. The PT-2 reacts out of Lucena and intercepts the fleets but is bombed out of existence at destroyer range before it can have any effect. CDs at Batangas try to interfere with the landings and successfully hits the Cruiser Myoko before being disrupted from other ships in the fleet.

At batangas the Kure III is disrupted coming ashore but the remaining IJN and IJA units force the defending Filipinos back to San Pablo (5:1 = DR).

During the exploitation phase, units move up to Cavite and capture a Res Pt north of San Pablo while a host of Infantry, Light Mountain units and a baseforce come ashore.

Further north, the northern end of the allied line is attacked by three Lt inf XXs and the defending Filipinos are forced back (3:1 = DR).


The Allies draw back to the MacArthur Line while the US 12th XX and attached F IIIs and Artillery attack across the river from Manila into Cavite, defended by the 48/1 For and Yok III. Zeros intercept A-24s supporting the attack and the last P-40E is aborted while the A-24 is killed. The attack is a disaster for the Allies (2:1 = AR). The units flee in terror to Taytay and can only be persuaded in the exploitation phase to reoccupy the empty capitol city.

To the east Armoured and Mechanised units attack the 2 For III north of San Pablo and destroy the exposed regiment, recapturing the Res Pts that had been seen by the Japanese earlier (2:1 +2 AECA = DH).

US Infantry and artillery are sent to San Pablo to join the defenders.


Feb I 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C & Rough, 13 – Rain & Calm.

At Iba the 48th XX breaks up into supported Battalions and loaded onto LCs/TAs – one battalion loads up from the beaches due to Port capacity restrictions. The fleet sets sail for the south, much to the relief of MacArthur who was worried about landings at the “tail” of Luzon.

At Panay island SW of Kabilo D3 II lands, LC Damaged, D 1 and 2 IIs land at Iloilo – one disrupted.

B1 and B2 land at Bacolod defended by Construction III and 2 F IIs who are overwhelmed and destroyed by NGS and Air Support (5:1 = DE)

B3 II lnads at Dumaguete which is seized without problems.

In Borneo, the militia officers of the North Borneo Volunteer battalion (Queen’s Own) are startled by the arrival off Sandakan of the Cruiser Kage and transports carrying the A1 II of the 1st Formosan regt. With NGS the Japanese chase the Borneo militia out of the town (5:1 = DR). Vowing to recapture their drinks cabinet, the NBV II swear to fight the Japanese to the last from the Jungle outside the town.

At Zamboanga the A2 and A3 IIs land much to the surprise of the USAAF service personnel working on 3 squadrons of B-17s. Both battalions land undisrupted and under the guns of the Nachi destroy all three B-17 units.

To make matters worse, the 2/Sas lands at Jolo airfield seizing the port and facilities for no loss.

MacArthur issues a press statement blaming Roosevelt for lack of troops from the US to help defend the islands. Congress condemns the administration.

In Mindanao the US Const II north of Malabang is overrun by Japanese forces. The 16/33 III attacks Cagayan across the mountain range from the SW of the city while the 38th XX sidesteps the defenders of Del Monte to attack the city from the south. the defenders (2nd F III and 94th, 197th Hvy AA IIs) hope to hold out from the unsupplied Japanese (no Res Pts available) but are destroyed instead (3:1 = HX) Of the mass of Res Pts in the city, only one is captured by the IJA. In the port itself, the Patrol Boat flotilla (2) succesfully escapes to Cebu while half a flotilla worth of Merchant ships are scuttled, the remainder reaching Cebu City.

In the exploitation phase the IIs fan out to seize air strips and ports on the islands captured – the Filipino Mixed B narrowly avoids capture at Binalbagan.


Units left at Del Monte take one look at the fires of Cagayan and flee south along the road south. The 3-4-4 [III] is left behind by the US 147th Art III who reaches Dulawan on its way to the southern port of Dadiangas. At Cotablato the 41/163. 131 Art III and 43 PS III embark on Merchants 2 and 3. The 148th Art III is left behind due to port loading capacity. The gunners shake their fists at the departing transports who head to Legaspi. rescue is soon at hand however as Merchant flotillas 1 and 4 arrive off the ports to transport the remaining US units out of Mindanao.

In Borneo the NBV heads into the jungle to await the expected Japanese attack.

In southern Luzon, all available units are spread out along the “tail” to defend against sea borne landings.

A press announcement reports the completion of the “MacArthur Line” outside of Manila. The Supreme Commander is photographed inspecting the trenches and announces the line as impregnable. The 11th F XX is rebuilt from Cadre.


Feb III 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 C&C, 13 Mud & Rough

Mindanao – the 38th XX finally wipes out the pesky 102 [III] and the Sasebo III reforms and moves to Panay Island where it joins the Kure III. The 16/20 moves to Cebu Island. Frustrated at trying to hunt down the elusive NBV, the A1 II abandons Sandakan and moves to Iloilo where it meets up with its sister battalions and the 1 For III reforms.

Elsewhere – devout prayers are made for the health of the emperor.



Off the south coast of Mindanao, Merch 1 sets sail with its cargo of the 147th Art III. it is spotted by the Myoko which is low on fuel so at equal speed to the transports. The cruiser misses twice shooting before the transports are able to open the distance and escape with their cargo to Lucena. The Japanese Commander rolls about on the floor drumming his heels and frothing in anger. MacArthur sends press statement outlining how he personnally planned the mission. No mention is made of Merchant Flotilla 4…..


Feb II 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – R & Calm

4th XX arrives at Iloilo, Negros and Panay pacification completed. 48/2 For and 48/47 IIIs reform and the Baseforce at Digos moves to Iloilo.

In Mindanao, the unsupplied Japanese 38th XX attacks the F 102 [III] and only succeed in forcing it back (3:1 = DR). 1/Sas attacks the 148th Art III at Cotablato but is ineffective (2:1 = AS).

In Borneo, taking advantage of the fact that the NBV has positioned itself in terrain that adjoins the sea (hex 0427), the A1 with NGS attacks and drives the NBV back deeper into the hinterland (3:1 = DR)

Cruisers Nachi and Myoko position themselves off the coast of Mindanao to intercept Merch 1 and 4 should they try to make a run with the US Artillery units trying to escape Mindanao.

In the exploitation phase, a single res Pt at Dipolog is captured by the Japanese.


At Dadiangas the US 147th Art III embarks on Merch 4 and tries to slip past the Nachi but is spotted at Cruiser range and sunk very quickly. All hands are lost.

Cebu City – an attack is launched to try and clear the island of IJA forces but fails to have any impact (2:1 = AS).

The PT-2 flotilla rebases to Lucena.

Elsewhere all is quiet and MacArthur passes the time by issuing press statements.


Mar II 1942


Weather: C&C, C&Rough, Mud and Calm

The fort north of Manila is attacked and the surviving defenders fall back to the open city (4:1 -1 fort = DH) The 51st Cadre joins the defenders. North east of the city a Lt XX and the 4 Dan XX attack units based on the 41st XX and force them back (2:1 +2 AECA = DR). On the coast of Tayabas Bay several US and F IIIs are destroyed but at the cost of the 4th XX and Kure III. (2:1 = EX). MacArthur calls for urgent aid from Washington.

Japanese Infantry RPs land at Batangas, ready to rebuild some destroyed units.

In the exploitation phase, IJA forces enter Taytay, cutting off the Manila defenders from the rest of Luzon.


Several US units are rebuilt and sent into the front line. The Manila forces split their attacks in two directions – one attack against Taytay with help from units at Laymon Bay fails to shift the IJA defenders (2:1 -1 AECD = AS) South from Manila in conjunction with Arm/Mech units the Japanese defenders of Cavite are destroyed opening the southern route from Manila (1.5:1 +1 AECA = HX). The attackers advance into the town.


The Damned Die Hard – Overview

Told by Robert S. Williams

I. Settings

Simulation Glory: The Damned Die Hard
Scenario: Phillipines fully prepared-scenario
Rules: This replay used the optional “Philippines Fully Prepared” scenario,
basically because we wanted to see whether the extra troops could have made
a difference to the campaign and because I hate to see counters never making
it on the map. It is assummed macArthur cried loud enough to be given his
bottle and its now to be seen whether it will make any difference to the
House Rules: Although we were both a bit doubtful about the unit strength assigned to the
US Infantry units (we feel they are very optimistic) we decided that the
extra six months in country had actually given the soldiers a bit of ability
and resisted the temptation to graft some home rules onto the game.
Game time: 6 Dec. 1941 – 1942
Game played:
Real Time: 16.1.2000 –
CiC, Japanese Imperial Forces:
CiC, Allied Forces:

Mar III 1942


Weather 11 – C&C 12 – C&C, 13 M&R

Units are rebuilt at batangas and thrown into battle with the rebuilt 4th XX. From Cebu the 38th XX and 16/20 sail to Batangas. Cavite is attacked to try and close the escape route of the units in Manila – the battle forces the US forces to retreat east (3:1 = DR). With the south closed off, IJA forces assault Manila (clear terrain due to open city status) and the Allied forces are unable to retreat and surrender to the Japanese – losses are heavy with the 12th US XX and 2nd F XX falling into the bag (4:1 = DR/ZoC scam). The massive allied stockpiles are torched by Logistics personnel to prevent them falling into Japanese hands. (Two Res Pts destroyed, 1 captured). In the exploitation phase, the 4th DAN XX enters the rough terrain South of Cavite. MacArthur denounces the Roosevelt administration in a radio broadcast from Legaspi.


Units retreat to Matbuan and Lucena with the 11th XX and 51st Cdr left in the mountains dominating the western approaches. Most formations are supported by AA and Artillery with USMC and Filipino IIs and Provisional IIIs defending rear area ports. 2 Res Pts are left (in Legaspi) while Corregidor goes to U-1 status (2 Res Pts on the Island).


Dec II 1941


Over the Philipines – Imperial Japanese Navy Fighters and Bombers cover the skies as they launch wave after wave on the expanded USAAF squadrons, desperate to whittle down the numbers of B 17E units before the main invasions start. despite the warnings of Pearl Harbour hours before, the Far East Air Force is caught on the ground. At Manila Zeros strafe the airfields holding three squadrons of A-24 Attack planes, shooting holes in one as the ground crews scatter in panic. Over Clark Airfield 4 points of AA is unable to turn back any of the IJN bombers but fortunately for the USAAF only two squadrons of the Heavy Bombers stationed here are aborted.

Northern Luzon – Off the coast of Appari the Filipino militia observe the arrival of a cruiser heavy task force supporting several transport ships, obviously intent on some sort of landing. The two milita battalions are supported by some light weight artillery – which conveniently doubles as Coastal Defences. The battle hardened Japanese commander scoffs at these shore based pop guns and sneeringly orders his cruisers to engage. Fire opens at battleship range and the commander of the Cruiser Ashigara is joking about the upcoming campaign with his deck officers when a shell slams into the bridge, killing them all. Flames and smoke erupt from the vessel. The Japanese commander orders a saki to settle his nerves. The task force closes in on the beach, shots are exchanged at cruiser range, but all miss in the smoke. Again the navy closes the distance but the Filipino gunners can easily spot the smoking Ashigara and accurately lob a round into an open deck hatch – a second hit slows the cruiser. To the disbelief of the Japanese commander secondary explosions rock the ship and the Ashigara explodes into tiny metal shards (obviously internal fires reached the magazine). MacArthur issues a press statement on how he had personally selected the gun position several weeks earlier during a tour of inspection. In response the destroyers and remaining cruisers disrupt the artillery unit with heavy and accurate gunfire.

Marines of the 2nd Sasebo SNLF climb into their landing craft and with the 21st DS engineers (amphibious) and 2nd Formosan Lt Mtn Regt storm ashore under the support of the navy’s gunfire aginst the Filipinos. With their artillery support disrupted, the two defending battalions are destroyed (7:1 = DE). The Japanese commander orders the beheading of the gun batteries personnel in revenge for the Ashigara.

As the soldiers secure the beach head, overhead transport planes fly from Formosa and Hainan carrying the 1st and 3rd Yokayama parachute battalions who launch an air assault on the air strip of Tuguegaro. The 1st II lands disrupted but the 3rd secures the airfield, causing the Filipino P-35A based there to flee to Baguio airstrip. they are expected to be joined quickly by the 2nd Formosan regt marching from the beach head.

Meanwhile carrier based Petes and Claudes raid Ilagan airstrip, shooting up a squadron of Filipino P-40Bs on the ground. Following this effort, the nothern fleet splits – some units head to Formosa while others remain on station off the coast of Laoag.

From Palau, the IJN sets forth towards Mindanao. Off the coast of Tandag float planes and carrier based aircraft are launched onto targets in the area. The USS Pensacola, tied up alongside PT boats in Cagayan on Mindanao’s north shore is attakced by jakes – AA fire from the cruiser aborts one squadron (to the anger of the Japanese commander) but the remaining squadron shows cool courage to easily drop bombs down the cruisers funnel to score a hit. Over Del Monte airfield, Claudes attempt strafing runs on the parked up B 17Es, although AA fails to deter them the attack fails. over Cebu City, the USS Boise is tied up in port. Kates scream over head surprinsing the AA gunners who all miss. This is a grevious mistake as the IJN planes score a direct hit on the cruiser. Suddenly the USN presence in the Philippines is looking shaky…..

Recovering their aircraft, the IJN sails through the Panaoa Strait – the USS Pensacola elects not to react, nor does the battered Boise. The IJN slips south of Bohol island, avoiding the CD in Cebu city and lands troops and supplies at Argao on the south tip of Cebu. The 56/146 Lt Mtn Regt, attached engineers and AA digs in and awaits reinforcements. As the IJN returns to base from this excursion, it contemptuously scatters mines in the sea off Cebu City and Cagayan.

At Okinawa the 16/20 Lt Inf Regt and attached odds and sods move to Palau.

The Japanese commander is pleased with the battle to date – some damage done tot he large USAAF and critical damage to the USN. The only downside was the surprising loss of the Ashigara to a tiny CD unit. Normally in TDDH these units never appear so it was taken for granted that they would be a less serious threat than the big guns of Corregidor. Luckily the invasion at Cebu was planned to avoid a direct landing at Cebu City otherwise losses could have been heavy here too. Especially pleasing was the fact that no LC were damaged in the assaults.


Around Cebu – USN units from Borneo meet up with the Houston, Boise and pensacola while the sea lanes are swept for mines – luckily no hits occur to the sweepers. P-40Es and Bs (USAAF) are flown into the air strips on the islands around Cebu while a B-18A squadron smashes the limited dock facilities at Argao. A mixed transport unit is flown to Zamboange to fly out the US infantry battalion to join the 41st Division in the main part of MIndanao.

Luzon – Subs take to the seas, heading north to form a perimeter around the ports in the area. MacArthur elects not to upgrade any units yet, keeping his massive store of artillery (some 30+ replacement points) in the armoury until he can work out whjat the Japanese plan is.

B 17E and PBY-5 squadrons take to the air and search over the seas north of Luzon looking for the IJN. 3 B17 sqns return to base with no luck but a couple of others with the navy aircraft spot and attack the IJN force off Laoag. One B17 is frightened off by AA fire while the others drop their bombs around the fleet. A USN PBY-5 accurately hits the Cruiser Maya much to the delight of MacArthur who informs Washington that he shook hands with the air crew once.

On land the motorised 34th Regt and 218 Art III arrive at Ilagan airstrip to the relief of the Filpino pilots stranded at the town. The US mechanised and armoured forces trundle up to the Cagayan River across from the paratroopers but elect not to attack and save their supplies for future battles.


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