Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

Supplies arrive from Formosa and allow an attack to be launched against the Pascao garrision. Fighting is desperate and bloody but the japanese prevail and seize the town from the allies. Two US IIIs, a Filipino III and assorted artillery are lost while the 1st J XX scuttles across the river to join the main defence line. In return the 38th XX and 53rd Light XX are cadred. (3:1 -1 = EX).

In Cebu Japanese forces still face off the Filipino units in the city.


A handful of units are scraped up at Legaspi and sent into the line.MacArthur is evacuated by sub to take up command in the Alaskan theatre under direct orders of Roosevelt. The Japanese commander is transferred tothe mini subs for suicide runs into Sydney harbour with the express orders to take out the coathanger. The North Borneo Volunteers continue to sit out the war drinking G&Ts and watching the sun rise over the beach at Sandakan.

The game is mutually agreed to end at this point for several reasons -Corregidor wouldn’t hit U-4 until the last week of May, lack of Japanese Attack Supply, the high number of cadred units and the likelihood the remainder of the battle would be bloody and the writing was on the wall -sooner or later an EX or something would occur allowing the Japanese (what was left of them) to take Legaspi. Besides, we were tired.

VPs were tallied – US 165, Japanese 177 – note this did not include losses inflicted by the Japanese as once we saw this number and the mass of green cardboard in the replacement pool it was seen the Japanese had clearly won.