Europa Game I, The German Invasion of Soviet Russia, June 1941 to March 1942.

Designed by Rich Banner and Frank Chadwick.

Published by Games Designer´s Workshop in 1973.

First Edition, June 1973:
Initial publication. Brown corrugated box. Errata sheets for the game were dated 30 July 1973 and 20 Aug 1973.

The initial production of DNO required a half sized counter sheet labeled Europa Sheet 5. Because these sheets had not yet been die cut, a small quantity of sheets were produced and packed into perhaps the first 100 games. The 30 July 1973 errata sheet promised a die cut counter sheet would follow shortly; it was sent to all owners of record along with the 20 Aug 1973 errata sheet.

Revision, January 1975:
12 x 15 ziplock bag. Errata sheets for the game were dated Jan 1975, 1 Jan 1976, and 25 Jan 1976. The 25 Jan 1976 errata sheet is considered definitive.

Second Edition, September 1975:
Minor revision. Brown Corrugated Box. After approximately 1000 games were sold, packaging shifted to a 12 x 15 zip lock bag. Errata sheets for the game were dated September 1973 and 1 Jan 1974.

When Unentschieden was published in September 1973, a few loose ends between DNO and UNT needed to be resolved; this was accomplished by inserting a few strategically selected pages into the DNO rules set; these pages were dated 9/73.

When remaining quantities of DNO grew low, the determining factor became Europa Counter Sheet 5. It was reprinted with some minor changed (notably the F2A aircraft was now screened grey instead of colored white) and a final 900 copies of DNO were produced in 1979.

Game Components

Five 21 x 27" mapsheets (numbered Europa 1 through 5).
One set of eight unit countersheets (for a total of 1792 counters) consisting of:

  • One Europa sheet 2
  • Three Europa sheet 3
  • One Europa sheet 4
  • One Europa sheet 5 (half-sheet)
  • One rules folder and cover.

One set of charts and tables consisting of

  • One Soviet Initial Order of Battle
  • One Soviet Order of Appearance
  • One Soviet Units Appearing Chart
  • One German Initial Order of Battle
  • One German Order of Appearance
  • One German Units Appearing Chart
  • Two Combat Results Tables
  • One Unit Identification Chart
  • One Time Record Chart
  • One Terrain Effects on Combat Chart

Print runs

(6/73) 2,000
(1/75) 6,000


The Europa Newsletter

“A DNO Scenario: Operation Platinfuchs: The Assault on Murmansk by Gary J. Staglioano” TEN #2
“A DNO Scenario: Operation Taifun – The German March on Leningrad and Moscow” by Gary J. Staglioano TEN #1
“Europa Draft Materials – Eastern Front Air Orders of Battle” by Marc W. Miller TEN #2
“Germany’s East Front Allies: Italy” by Franklyn G. Prieskop TEN #3
“Germany’s East Front Allies: Slovakia” by Franklyn G. Prieskop TEN #4

Nuts & Bolts

DNO Question and Answers: City Siege Rules, by Fred Helferich, N&B #1N&B #1
Partisan! Complete Rules for Partisan Warfare, by Gus Tagland, N&B #1
Play Aids: DNO mini-maps 3 and 4, by Gary Stagliano, N&B #1

The Grenadier

A DNO/UNT Scenario: Attack on Army Group Center by Terry Thiel - The Grenadier #2
A DNO/UNT Scenario: Operation Citadel by John Gordon - The Grenadier #1
Armor Effects in DNO/UNT by Bill Stone - The Grenadier #2
Fall Blau An Unofficial DNO Variant by David S. Berry  The Grenadier #17The Grenadier #18 and The Grenadier #19
Operation Taifun Scenario for DNO by Gary J. Stagliano - The Grenadier #8
Panzer Corps in DNO by David Berry - The Grenadier #15
The Dora Rail Gun in DNO/UNT by Wayne Matthews - The Grenadier #3
The Russian Unpreparedness Rule in DNO/UNT by Gary J. Stagliano - The Grenadier #3

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