Don’t forget to take Legaspi! I forgot it was a supply source for theAllies. Confounding this issue was the US RR Siege Gun II sitting here forthe entire game – but this doesn’t excuse me for not landing outside thecity and seizing it overland. By the time it struck me that the US stillhad a supply source once Manila was declared open I was over committed insouthern Luzon and the US had all ports in the “tail” garrisioned with unitsand those pesky 1-4 CD battalions.

Use the paratroopers – I didn’t use them enough in this game – maybe due to the initial high number of US Fighter squadrons. These units are good forsudden attacks and seizing ports and air strips, not as line infantry.

In this scenario there are lots of units but supplies taper off towards the end – don’t burn off Attack Supply on attacks involving a couple of units -use as many as possible to get the greatest benefit.

There are lots of VPs to be gained securing air strips – don’t be afraid in this scenario to spend some time hopping from island to island capturing airstrips and minor ports, in this game it ensured I had a comfortable buffer of VPs at the end.