The seventh game in The Europa Series, Case White  covers the 1939 German invasion of Poland. The game provided another of the problems that confronts an undertaking the size of Europa: The loss of Poland is a foregone conclusion. To make CW a more interesting game, variant situations were provided which allowed hypothetical alternatives (free set-up, stronger Polish Air Force, increased Polish mechanization) to be explored.

The first edition was published in July 1977 by Game Designer´s Workshop. Initial publication was in a 12 x 15 zip lock bag. The first 100 games were produced without the folder which enclosed the rules in later production.

The second edition was printed in 1979 and packed in  a red collage art box. 

A third edition was produced with the now familiar "grid design" on the box in 1985.

Designed by Frank Chadwick and Richard Banner.

The errata sheet for the game was dated 15 July 1977.

Three maps, 480 counters.

Printed: 5,832

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