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An attack is launched on the defenders based around the rock of the Filipino1st XX – despite massive odds (5:1 -2 wooded rough +1 Light forces), theallies slowly retreat avoiding casualties(DR). The Japanese commander isresting in his command tent folding napkins into paper hats (oragami notbeing his strong point) when his supply officer nervously approaches andannounces that there are no more supplies left for the offensive. Aghast,the Japanese commander surveys his battle map – not a Res Pt anywhere to befound! Will the offensive stall?


All units fall back to the Bicol defence line with a garrison based on the1st Filipino XX left in the rough terrain west of the river at pascao. AtCorregido the last Res Pt is spent. The Japanese commander realises thatthe fort will not reach U-4 status until the end of May!