Marita and Merkur are German operational names for their activities in the Balkans. Marita-Merkur was originally scheduled as Europa Game III and was supposed to follow fast on the heels of Unentschieden. When the designers encountered difficulties in pinning down some aspects of troop strengths in the Balkans, the decision was made to skip MM for the moment and tackle a campaign which was more fully documented-Narvik.

Europa Game III, designed by John M. Astell and Paul R. Banner.

First Edition, May 1979:
Initial publication by Games Designer´s Workshop with a red collage art box

Second Edition, April 1984:
Rhe game was repackaged in a blue Europa Map box

Game components

  • One and a half map
  • Two and a half sheets of die cut counters (Europa Counter Sheets 20, 21 and 22)
  • One rules folder
  • One set of charts:
    • Map Legend
    • Greek & British Order of Battle / Reinforcements
    • Jugoslav Order of Battle
    • Italian, Hungarian & German Order of Battle / Reinforcements
    • Combat Results Tables (x2)
    • Unit Identification Chart
    • Turn Record Chart / Weather table / Allied Breakdown Chart / Allied Victory Points
    • Axis Breakdown Chart / Axis Victory Points

Errata sheets for the game were dated 17 July 1979, 24 Oct 1979, and 18 Jan 1985. The 18 Jan 1985 errata is definitive.

Printed: 6,048

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Marita Merkur was replaced by Balkan Front

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