Europa Game VIII, The German Blitzkrieg in France and the Low Countries, June to September 1940. Designed by John M. Astell.

First Edition, January 1981

Initial published  by Game Designer´s Workshop and shipped in a  Red and blue MacGowan box. The Errata sheets for the game were dated 12 February 1981 and 9 September 1981. The 9 September 1981 errata sheet is definitive.

The counter intensity in the campaign led the designer to provide corps markers in order to alleviate stacking congestion.

Second Edition, 1985

Printed: 10,986

Game Components

  • Two 21" x 27" Maps (Europa maps 16 & 17)
  • 2040 Die-cut Counters (Counter Sheets 23-30, and 31 [which is a half-sheet])
  • A Complete Set of Rules
  • One Chart Set:
    • French Order of Battle
    • British Order of Battle
    • Belgian Order of Battle
    • Dutch Order of Battle
    • Swiss Order of Battle
    • German Order of Battle
    • Italian Order of Battle
    • French Unit ID Chart
    • Turn Record/Replacement Chart
    • Europa Corps Marker Display (x3)
    • French Unit Breakdown Chart
    • German Unit Breakdown Chart
    • CRT/Terrain Effects Chart (x2)
  • One Europa VIII Supplement:
    • French mobilization and reinforcements
    • British forces on the continent
    • Belgian mobilization and reinforcements
    • Dutch mobilization and reinforcements
    • Swiss armed forces and reinforcements
    • French Unit Breakdown Chart
  • One Die

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