This is an inofficial revision of the Soviet Order of Battle for First to Fight  created by Eric Pierce in  7/2017, based on new research and sources available since the initial publication of the game. It is not officialy endorsed by GRD/HMS and therefore optional.


Ground Forces


2x 2-1-6 Siege Art III                    120RGVA, 350RGVA
2x 1-2-8 mot Art III                      151, 108RGVA
3x 0-1-6 RR III                               2, 3, 5
Border Guard Forces:
        5x 0-1-6 Bdr III                              16, 17, 18, 87, 107
3rd Army.
1x 5-4-6 Tank X                            25L
1x 5-4-6 Tank X                            22L
1x 1-6 Eng III                                 23
1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               3A
1x 0-1-6 hv AA [III]   AA=2          3A
3x 8 TC II (1 RE)                             8/A, 8/B, 8/C
10TH Rifle Corps:
    1x 6-7-6 Rifle XX   AA=1             5
    1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          50
1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          115
3rd Rifle Corps:
3x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          19, 139, 150
3rd Cav Corps:
    1x 6-4-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 36
1x 5-3-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 7
11th Army.                         
1x 12-9-8^ Tank XXX                   15c
[1x5-4-6 Tank X…2, 1x5-4-6 Tank X…27; 1x2-8 mot Rifle X…20]
        2x 5-4-6 Tank X                            6, 21
        1x 2-6 Tank III                               9
        1x 2-1-8 Mtr II                              24
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               11A
        1x 0-1-6 hv AA [III]   AA=2          11A
    16th Rifle Corps:
        1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX   AA=1             2
        1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          100
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          27
    Velikie-Luki (1B:2601):
        1x 1-2-5* Rifle Cadre (4-5-6)     164
10th Army.
        1x 5-3-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 4
        2x 5-4-6 Tank X                            29L, 32
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               10A
        2x 2-3-6 Art III                              124, 375RGVA
        1x 0-1-6 hv AA [III]   AA=2          10A
    5th Rifle Corps.
        1x 6-8 mot Mxd Rifle XX             4
        2x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          13, 121
    11th Rifle Corps.
        3x 3-4-6 Rifle XX                          29-, 64-, 145-
Front Reserve (Separate):
        1x 3-8* mot Rifle XX                    20 (NKVD)
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          113
        1x 3-2-6 Art III                              375RGVA
        1x 1-6 Eng III                                 24
        3x 1-6 lt AA III   AA=1                  13, 518, 751
        2x 1-6 hv AA III   AA=1                509/4AA, 533/4AA
       Minsk (1B:3611):
       1x 3F3   0/7                                I-153


        2x 0-1-6 RR III                               4, 5R
Border Guard Forces:
        2x 0-1-6 Bdr III                              91, 92
5th Army.
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          60
        1x 5-4-6 Tank X                            36
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               5A
        1x 2-1-6 hv Siege Art II Rg=2     315hv
        1x 0-1-6 hv AA III   AA=2            5A
    15th Rifle Corps.
        1x 4-5-6- Rifle XX                         52 (w)
        DN: Detached from 4th Army, 23 Sep Corps. The Corps also included the 112 Div.
        2x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          45, 87
    8th Rifle Corps.
        1x 5-6-8 mot Mxd XX                  81
        1x 5-6-6 Lt Rifle XX                      44 (w)
6th Army.
        2x 5-4-6 Tank X                            26L, 38
        2x 3-1-6 hv Siege Art II               316hv, 330hv
        3x 2-1-6 Siege Art III                    34, 168, 324CDWG
        2x 2-6 Art III                                  135, 274
        1x 2-1-8 Art III                              345
        1x 1-2-6 Art III                              269
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               6A
    6th Rifle Corps.
        Note: Available OCT II 39.
        3x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          7, 41, 140
        Note: The 7th Div was disbanded during the Army reorganizations of the winter of ’40; it was formed again 27Dec41, Ural MD at Sverdlosk.
    17th Rifle Corps.
        1x 6-6 Rifle XX                              99S
        2x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          96, 97
    2nd Cav Corps.
        3x 5-3-8* Mech XX   AA=1         3, 5, 14
        1x 4-3-7 Tank X                            24L
12th Army.
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          80
        2x 5-4-6 Tank X                            23L, 26L
        1x 1-6 Eng III                                 37
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               12A
        1x 0-1-6 hv AA [III]   AA=2          12A
    49th Rifle Corps.
        1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          62
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          23
    4th Cav Corps.
        2x 5-3-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 32, 34
Dzerzhinskaya Cavalry Group:
        1x 12-9-8^ Tank XXX                   25c
[1x5-4-6 Tank X…4L, 1x5-4-6 Tank X…5L; 1x2-8 mot Rifle X…1]
DN: Detached from 12A.
    5th Cav Corps.
        2x 5-3-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 9, 16
Front Reserve (separate):
        1x 4-5-7 Mtn Rifle XX                  30 (w)
        2x 6-3-5 hv Tank X                       10H, 14H
        1x 5-4-6 Tank X                            49
        1x 1-6 Eng III                                 17
    13th Rifle Corps.
        1x 4-6-6 Rifle XX                          58
        1x 3-4-6 Rifle XX                          146
        1x 1-2-5* Rifle Cadre (4-5-6)     72
    27th Rifle Corps.
        1x 3-4-5* Rifle XX                        131-
        2x 1-2-5* Rifle Cadre (4-5-6)     25, 141
    36th Rifle Corps.
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          176
        2x 3-4-5* Rifle XX                        135-, 169-
    37th Rifle Corps.
        2x 3-4-5* Rifle XX                        130-, 187-
        1x 1-2-5* Rifle Cadre (4-5-6)     124
        3x 1-6 lt AA III   AA=1                  47/7AA, 743/7AA, 188


Place in any hex within 3 hexes of an army HQs:
6x 0-1-R Art II                                       15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 31
Place at any river port within the Ukrainian Front:
1x 2-pt river flotillas   AA=2               Dnepr
Latvian/Soviet Border Garrison:
Release from Garrison: Place within 1 hex of E1B:2708  (subtract 2 MPs); MAP 37, place in hex E37:4301:
    4th Rifle Corps.
        1x 5-3-8* Mech Cav XX   AA=1 4
        1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          10
        1x 3-4-5* Rifle XX                        126-
        1x 1-2-5* Rifle Cadre (4-5-6)     84
4th Army.
Place within 1 hex of 1B:4109 (Brobrusk):
Note: Available OCT II 39.
        1x 1-6 Eng III                                 33
        1x 1-6 Eng [III]                               4A
        1x 0-1-6 hv AA [III]   AA=2          4A
    15 Rifle Corps.
        1x 6-7-6 Rifle XX   AA=1             8M
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          6
    24th Rifle Corps.
        1x 5-6-6 Rifle XX                          29
        1x 4-5-6 Rifle XX                          145


Airfields: Place at least 3 hexes from the Soviet/Polish border.
        8x airfields (L3); one per hex.
Belorussian Front:
        2x 4F3   0/5                                   I-16/10
        1x 3F2   0/7                                   I-153
        1x 2A2   1/5                                  I-15bis
        4x 2A2   1-2/18                            SB-2bis
        1x 2D3   2-1/14                            Ar-2
        2x 2B3   1-6/33                            DB-3F
1x 1A2   1/10                                R-5sh
Note: On the JAN I 40 turn all I-16s have a range of 7 (universal use of drop tanks).
Ukrainian Front:
        3x 4F3   0/5                                   I-16/10
2x 3B4   1-6/33                            DB-3F
3x 2A2   1-2/18                            SB-2bis
1x 1A2   1/10                                R-5sh
2x 1A2   1/10                                R-10
Strategic Air:
        1x 2HB2   1-6/20                          TB-3


General Deployment:

Note: The bold print unit IDs are units that were not in the initial occupation forces, but seem to have been brought up as reinforcements in October. Any unit with ‘*’ listed after its movement factors is self-supported.
Abbreviations: a ’c’ means a corps and a ‘d’ means a division.
*3rd Army: Place within 3 hexes of E1B:4014. MAP 37, place within 3 hexes of E37:4213.
*11th Army: Place between hexes E1B:3512 and E1B:2608, inclusive. MAP 37, place between hexes E37:4208 and E37:4301, inclusive.
*10th Army: Place within 2 hexes of E1B:4714. MAP 37, place within 2 hexes of E37:4618.
*5th Army: Place within 1 hex of hex E3B:0315 (Zhitomir). MAP 37, place within 1 hex of E37:5124.
*6th Army: Place within 1 hex of hex E3B:0215 (Novograd-Volochiskaya). MAP 37, place within 3 hexes of E37:4723.
*12th Army: Place within 3 hexes of hex E3B:1120 (Kamyanets). MAP 37, place within 3 hexes of E37:4732.


Mobilized AUG II & SEP I 39:
    a-Reinforcements: OCT I 39:
        Moskva MD: 10 (5-6-6), 84 (1-2-5*), 115 (4-5-6),
                                186 (4-5-6)
        Orel MD: 6 (4-5-6), 55 (4-5-6), 113 (4-5-6), 122- (3-4-5*)
        Kharkov MD: 23, 25 (1-2-5), 30 (4-5-7* Mtn), 41 (4-5-6), 80 (4-5-6), 141 (1-2-5*), 176 (4-5-6)
Note:  A number of the above divisions were in-place OCT I 39.

2-Division changes (31Dec39):

    *The following divisions were added to the MDs (JAN I 41+):
    Belorussia MD – 29, 33, 126
    Ukrainian MD – 58, 81; 96 Div (converts to a mountain div)
    Kharkov MD – 192 Div (converts to a mountain div)
    *The following divisions were disbanded:
    Moskva MD – 172
    Orel MD – 120, 180
    Volga MD: 129
    Kharkov MD: 162
    Ural MD – 110, 159
    Siberia MD – 71, 102
    Transbaikal – 118

3- Panzer Scare

A non-c/m unit must retreat a second hex if a combat result includes a retreat result and the attack included a Pz, Lt Pz, or PzG XX.
Advance after Combat:  Any German c/m unit may advance one additional hex if stacked with a German c/m division.

4-Soviet Limitations:

  1. a) Soviet Ineptness:
  2. *Soviet Mobility Limitations.
Note: Soviet Mobility Limitations do not apply to 8 MP Tank brigades and Tank Corps.
a-A Soviet c/m unit moves half its movement allowance in the exploitation phase if it begins its movement adjacent to an enemy unit.
b-A Soviet c/m unit moves half its movement allowance in the exploitation phase if it had participated in combat in the combat phase.

2) Supply Weakness. Soviet supply ranges are 5 hexes when tracing a road & overland element supply paths during Clear weather.

3) Corps Command Difficulties. Soviet stacking is limited: use the reduced stacking limit – 2 units of any type or size; plus 2 REs; plus 2 REs of artillery.
Option: (FEB I 40) Corps markers which are shown as reduced stacking (1x 5 Rifle XXX) may be reorganized as a normal corps – regular stacking (1x 6 Rifle XXX). Each friendly Initial Phase, the Soviet player may reorganize (flip) one corps marker to its normal side. Note: Stacking Limitations are ignored beginning with the JAN I 41 turn.

4) Combat Inefficiency. A Soviet unit is disrupted if it participates in an attack; the disruption is removed during the next friendly Initial Phase. Note that movement is unaffected. Exception: Mxd & Mech divisions/corps, assault engineers & commandoes (& Marines) are not affected.

5) Artillery Inefficiency. Soviet artillery units (type art) are halved when attacking; they are full strength when bombarding. Exception: Artillery Divisions.

5-Special Conditions. a) Option: Due to the fact that Soviet air units represent double the normal size of an air unit, apply the following: when flying an airbase bombing mission where Soviet air units are based, add 1 to the die roll result for such a mission.

6-Fortified Zones. Place as listed below (0-2-0 Fort Zone):
Iziaslav fortified district (3B:0418)
Kamianets-Podilskyi fortified district (3B:1121) (fort, 3B:1216)
Kiev fortified area (3B:0607)
Korostenskij fortified district (3B:0212)
Leticheskij fortified district (3B:1016)
Minsk fortified district (1B:3611)
Mogilev-Yampolsky fortified district (1B:3804)
Mozyr fortified district (1B:4710)
Novograd-Volynsky fortified area (3B:0215)
Ostropolskij fortified district (3B:0720)
Polotsk fortified district (1B:2906)
Rybnik fortified district (3B:1713)
Starokostiantyniv fortified district
Tiraspol fortified district (3B:2313)
Shepetivka fortified district (3B:0417)

Download the revised Soviet Order of Battle as PDF:

Soviet Order of Battle (182 downloads)