A game in the Europa series that covers the 1939 German invasion of Poland.

This game was out of print for several years, but is once again available for sale. However, the version that is available now comes as ‘plain white box’ version. It is a complete game, with all rules, orders of battle, charts, counters, maps, and dice included in the original 2nd edition of the game, but the box itself is a plain white box (not the original black/red colored version) and the maps are color photocopies. The counters and order of battle (OB) in the game are the updated versions that make up the First to Fight refit kit. Includes an extra sheet of markers not in color box version of game.

Designed by John Astell and Winston Hamilton.

Game Components

The first Edition was published in 1991 by Games Research/Design (GR/D)

  • Countersheets
  • first edition: 18A, 19A, 57 & ACS
  • second edition: CS 18B, 19B, 57A, 57A-1 & ACS-2 (1296 Counters)
  • Two Maps (Europa Maps 13A & 37)
  • Rules Book
  • OB Book
  • Chart Set
  • Two Six-Sided Dice

A refit kit was published in 1999 to upgrade rules and counters.
It includes:

  • rules (dated 1998) - 32 pages
  • orders of battle (dated 1997) - 28 pages
  • revision guide (dated 1998) - explains how to update 1991 rules with 1997 counters - 3 pages
  • 7 charts "First to Fight" & 4 charts "Grand Europa"
  • 4 countersheets: CS 18B, CS 19B, CS 57A and CS57A-1 (dated 1997)

Inofficial Material

Eric Pierce updated the existing OOBs based on new sources and research gradually becoming available. See his take on an updated OOB for the soviet Forces in 1939 on the Western Front.

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