The Europa community was quick to adapt the new technology for its purposes, from the first GEnie-mailing-lists in the late eighties over the lively exchanges on to the multitute of websites and various adaptions of software modules that the Europa community has created over the years. The following lists neither cannot claim to be complete, but they should give an overview about the Europa-related online ressources available.

The Company – HMS/GRD


Since buying the assets formerly belonging to GR/D in 2004 HMS thus took over production of the Europa series.

Classic Europa

Screenshot from "Classic Europa"
John Astell´s “Classic Europa” website is back up now after falling victim to the lamented end of “Geocities”.
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Master Europa

Screenshot Master Europa

Master Europa by Tom Johnson is a complete set of rules and charts replacing those in the game series Europa. Discontinued since 2010, but the website is still up.
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Other Europa-related websites

Due to the fact that Europa has ceased publishing, some of these websites are also derelict or seem to be abandoned.

  • The Europa Guru Website - by Rich Velay, long-time Europa rules guru with material on SF, FWTBT, and WOR.
  • Cardboard Wars - with game reports of Narvik, the Lunge to Stalingrad-Scenario and many more
  • Counterpusher - another wordpress blog with game reports from For Whom the Bell Tolls, amogst others, not updated since 2014
  • Europa and not Europa - a small blog with a game report from FitE, abandoned in 2015
  • Greg's Game Board - with the amazing Wavell's War report
  • New Europa Games - one of the companies that attempt to continue the Europa tradition whithout running afoul of the copyright laws.
  • Diffraction Entertainment - The most successful companies taking up the Europa flag, run by John Bannermann.

Sadly offline are (to name but a few):

  • The huge collection of Second Front-FAQs by the editor of LOC, Luiz Cláudio Duarte,
  • Jason Longs "Sturmvogel" and "Panzerkeil", two of the oldest wargamer sites on the web
  • David Lippmanns "WW2 55+" which used to chronicle World War Two on a daily basis, 55 years after the fact
  • Belli Ludi, who's editor granted us kind permission to publish quite a nice collection of articles before shutting down.
  • The "one Week Europa - Website.

Most of these can be, of course, accessed through

Mailing Lists

The Europa Mailing List

The Europa Mailing List has a long history. It started out in 1996 at the Swedish Server and quickly developed into a very lively community.

Since its migration from Lysator around 2001, this is the official list of the Europa community and is owned and managed by HMS/GRD.
Europa Mailing List at Yahoo

Classic Europa Mailing List

During the long - and still ongoing - hiatus of the Europa system at the hands of Millcreek Ventures and HMS, John Astell left the Europa Mailing List and founded his own project of "Classic Europa". There is little crossposting, and John shares a lot of designers insighs into past projects and the work already done for Total War.
Classic Europa Mailing List at Yahoo

EuropaSee Mailing List

The Europa See mailing list was the brainchild of Dean T. Moon and born out of the aborted playtest of Italys War and the realisation that Europa needed a fully integrated naval system if it ever were evolve to Grand Europa.
EuropaSee Mailing List at Yahoo