A strategy game in the Glory series that covers the 1941-42 campaign for the Philippines. The new operational and tactical naval system will be used in the game. Includes separate smaller-scale Bataan scenario (on its own map) and several ‘what-if’ scenarios that explore possibilities of varied additional reinforcements for both sides. Includes 9 quarter-size maps, 3 countersheets (840 counters).

Game Reports

The Damned Die Hard Game Report No 1.

A quick but fun game report written by Robert Williams on his campaign game of The Damned Die Hard, played in January of 2000.

Inofficial Material

Eric Pierce published an updated and corrected Order of Battle for The Damned Die Hard in 2015. Its an official revision of the published OB


Planning two special operations for one unit


A unit has one Amphibious Landing planned for it.  Likewise for Air Drops.  My question is:  Can a unit have one of each?  Japanese paratroops can even convert to marines.


Planning for amphibious landings (Rule 32C) refers to the rule for planning of air drop operations (rule 24C). That rule says “A unit may only have one operation planned for it at a time” (2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence). Amphibious landings are “similar to” air drops, so it follows that they are also “operations” for the purposes of the rule. So a unit can only have one operation, of one type, assigned to it at any time.


Posted by Lee Hanna (Glory Rules Judge) on the Yahoo Europa Mailing List on 19.04.2013 20:45.