A strategy game in the Glory series that covers the 1937-41 portion of the Sino-Japanese War. Extensive political rules governing the various Chinese factions (warlords) and changing Japanese objectives. Detailed mechanics for Chinese guerrillas/partisans. 17 quarter-size maps; 8 countersheets (1960 counters).

Game Reports

War of Resistance No 1: Another epic game report of a solitaire game played by Friedrich Helfferich from his game of War of Resistance, played in 2001

War of Resistance No 2: Robert Williams took to War of Resistance in the Fall of 1999, learning the hard way that while the Chinese army can take quite a beating, its loyalty to the National government is sometimes outright questionable.

War of Resistance No 3: Dean T. Moon reports on a short game of War of Resistance that unfortunately got abandoned in the winter of 37/38


Official Errata for War of Resistance


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