Here we present research results by game designers, historians, and individual members of the Europa community. these OBs are not endorsed or owned by HMS/GRD and thus are not official in any way or form, but for entertainment purposes only.

Orders of Battle Research by Eric Pierce

The Damned Die Hard OB – Official Update, 2015

This official revision of TDDH's Order of Battle remains unpublished so far because TEM is defunct for more than ten years now. Nevertheless, GR/D sanctioned the changes as official. Read more

Revised Soviet Order of Battle for A Winter War - Unofficial, 2016

Here is a new take at the Soviet Order of Battle for "A Winter War", based on the vast amount of research and sources that has come out of Russia in the past twenty years since the games publication. Read more

Revised Soviet Order of Battle for First to Fight - Unofficial, 2017

Eric continues to update the existing OOBs based on new sources and research gradually becoming available. Continue reading to see his take on an updated OOB for the soviet Forces in 1939 on the Western Front. Read more


The Italian Army in World War II

Roger Clewley has written a series of articles based on sources captured by the English Army after El Alamein. They provide a look into the history of individual units participating in War in the Desert and recommend certain changes in the Order of Battles.

Italian Artillery Units in “War in the Desert”
The 64th Catanzaro Truckborne Infantry Division
The Artillery of the “Celere Divisions”
The Lybian Armored Division “Brigata Corazzata Speciale
Additionals Lybian Divisions for “War in the Desert”
The “Corpo Spedizione” in Russia

L3/33 Carro Veloce 33

Nationalist Troops enterin San Sebastian, 1936

The Spanish Military, 1936-1945

Works  on the Spanish Military in the Europa timeframe, 1936-45. Published with kind permission

The Spanish Army in 1936, Essay by Alberto Arzanegui. First published in the bulletin El Miliciano , nr. 1 (1993).
The Spanish Air Force 1939-45 by Carlos Perez, 2008
Updating the Spanish Contingent for Grand Europa by Carlos Perez, 2008



Hungarian Order of Battle for Barbarossa

Jason Long's research on the Axis Allied in Barbarossa was for a long time available in TEM and various newsletters, as well as on his website Panzerkeil. Since access to most sources has become more difficult, and the website is offline, Jason kindly gave permission to publish his inofficial Hungarian OB for Barbarossa here.
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The Military Database Project

Here work is in progress for the Common Military Database (AMD). Its foundations come from two projects I work upon for some time now, first a collection of TO/E’s which I assembled several years ago and which spawned the Kriegsgliederungen” (see below), and on the other hand a sql-based database I developed to re-work Dupuys mathematical combat model (QJMA). To unite both into a easy-to-use, web-based database on military history is my aim.