The majority of this website's content was not written by us. This is true for the programming, where we've shamelessly copied, borrowed, modified and adapted the work of much brighter and better skilled people than us. It is equally true for the majority of the articles, where we have repeatedly buggered, pleaded, negotiated and requested permission from the patient, smart and prolific people on the Europa Mailing List at Yahoo to be allowed to convert their postings into articles for this site.

The multitude of contributions are too numerous to be adequately thanked or named, so we have tried to depict the copyright for every article on this website on the footer of the page. We also have asked and been given written permission for every single piece of their writing that appears here. However: Should you find material you've written here without an adequate copyright note, or should you find material here you have contributed in the past and would like to seen taken offline, please send us a short note. We do pay money to keep this site online and dont make anything from it, but we have no intention of harming anyones copyright.

This list would never be complete without expressing my gratitude to Lars and his friends at Net4media who host this website for close more than fiveteen years now and suffer my endless inquieries about PHP, Apache, hosting and computers with patience and grace.