A game in the Europa series that covers the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War, plus provides the Grand Europa material for WWII Spain and Portugal (including a separate game covering a hypothetical attack on Spain/Gibraltar by the Axis). Designed by John Gee and Jeff Millefoglie.

For Whom The Bell Tolls is a very much updated and expanded version of ¡No Pasaran!, a scenario for the Spain and Portugal Europa series module from 1984  that was published in The Grenadier No. 27 (1986).

First Edition Game Components (1995)

  • 1680 die-cut counters
  • One and one half maps
  • Rules Book
  • 3 OB Books
  • Chart Set

Second Edition (2004)

Complete game, with all the original components of the original ‘color box’ version except that it comes in a plain white box instead of the sold-out original yellow and black box. Includes a bonus pack of three sheets of game play markers not in the original game.

Game Reports

Game Report No 1: This epic write-up from a full-length game of For Whom the Bell Tolls was graciously shared with us by Friedrich H. Helfferich, who spent the better part of 1999 playing the Insurgets against the Loyalist player Elias Nordling.

Game Report No 2: This report from a full-length solitary campaign game of For Whom The Bell Tolls was written by Davis Stokes in 2001.

Invasion of Spain: Ralph Sunley tested the scenario "Invasion of Spain" included in For Whom the Bell Tolls. The solitary game took place in 2007.

Game Report No. 4: A game report by Ken Newall, who tried the variable start to the revolution in a solitaire game, played in 2017.

Game Report No. 5: A very promising game report with excellent and extensive reports by Brian O'Connell from 2014. Unfortunately, Brian only found the time to write up the reports covering 1936, even though the game lasted until 1939.

Game Report No. 6One of the earliest game reports of FWTBT, played and written up by Wolf Broszies in 1998/99.


For Whom The Bell Tolls at the Boardgamegeek

Official Errata to For Whom the Bell Tolls at HMS/GRD

The second edition of For Whom The Bell Tolls is still available from HMS/GRD.


Equipping Colonial units


The rule about equipping units says to spend the difference in the
strenghts of the unit’s sides in artillery RPs. This is quite clear.
However, the Army of Africa has confusing dual-sided 2-6/2-6* inf IIIs.
If one were to take the rules literally it seems that these could just
be flipped spending 0 artillery RPs since the strenghts of the sides are
the same. I assume that 0.5 artillery RPs should still be spent to flip
one of them? Or is it possibly intended that they can be only built to a
new standard when replacing them from eliminated units?


If you are referring to colonial 2-6’s, they never fight in FWTBT as 2-6* III’s. Those counters are for breakdown counters during WWII scenarios.


Posted by Brian O’Connell (brian.oconnell.01@gmail.com) to EuropaAssociation@yahoogroups.com, April 15th 2015