Truly a monster of a game, and comparable in its complexity only to Second Front, Scorched Earth is the revised edition of Unentschieden and is the companion game to Fire in the East, the revised edition of Drang Nach Osten. The game enables players to continue the war between Germany and the USSR (and their respective Allies) in the East from March 1942 to the End of 1944.

Game Credits

Note: Scorched Earth contains many of the concepts and game mechanics which were presented originally in Unentschieden, which was designed in 1974 by Paul R. Banner and Frank Chadwick.

Design: John M. Astell
Research, Axis Order of Battle: Shelby Stanton, Franklyn G. Prieskop, John Astell
Research, Soviet Order of Battle: Charles S. Sharp, John Astell
Graphics: Barbie Pratt

Publisher: GDW Games, 1987

Printed: 5,000

Game Components

  • 3840 die-cut counters (16 countersheets: Europa 6A to 10A, 46 to 56)
  • Three maps (Europa #7A, 8A and 9A)
  • One rules booklet
  • Two orders of battle booklets (Axis & Soviet)
  • One set of game charts:
    • Combat Result/Terrain Effects Chart (x2)
    • Unit Identification Chart/Counter Formats
    • Turn Record Chart
    • Soviet Game Chart/1942 Scenario Front Line Maps - North
    • Axis Game Chart/1942 Scenario Front Line Maps - South
    • Europa marker Display
    • Master Sequence of Play/Special Dates List
    • Europa Map Legend
    • Map Guide

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The Wargame Academy has the full credits for Scorched Earth as well as a link to the full Errata.

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Required losses during setup


I’m setting up the Axis for the 1942 scenario in SE and have a question that I can’t find the answer to in the rule book.  For the point losses, can the German cadre a division and count the full attack strenght of the division towards the point loss requirement?…(i.e. AGN must take 20 points of losses.  Can they cadre (2) 7-6 and (1) 6-6 divisions to meet the 20 point loss, or would the three divisions need to go into the replacement pool?)


There literally is nothing in the Scorched Earth rules that say the Rule 9Es wording about losses in combat also applies to losses in setup. Therefor, cadring a 7-6 to a 3-6 only
counts for four points toward the losses the Germans had to apportion.


Posted by Arthur E. Goodwin on the Yahoo Europa Mailing list on
18.01.2013 01:02.

Air Units and Supply

In FitE/SE,  what happens to air units surrounded in a
pocket, and the pocket is out of supply?
Supply rules just say units, with special supply listing an RE amount
that can be carried by aircraft, but aircraft only have an RE Equivalent
listed in the Section on German’s operating in Finland, where each air
unit counts as one RE.

Air units didn’t need supply until an optional rule was introduced in
WW. So if using FitE/SE, just ignore them for supply calculations.
They never run out of supply.

Posted by Bill Jenman ( on the EuropaAssociation Mailing list at Yahoo, April 21st, 2015


Rule 14H2: Limits to Retreat before Combat

Is there a limit to the number of times a commando unit can retreat before combat? For example, if an SAS commando is being overrun by a panzer division, it can retreat before combat because overrun is a combat. Theoretically, however, that division could overrun more than once. And if you had multiple divisions, the commando could end up retreating several hexes from its original location.

No, there is no limit upon the number of times a capable unit may attempt retreat before combat, or retreat before overrun.

Note also that such units can not retreat before overrun “because overrun is a combat”, an overrun is not combat! They can retreat before overrun, a totally separate concept, because the rules say they can. This is not just nit picky-ness, there is a real difference between overrun and combat and the rules attempt to portray this.

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