Europa Game I, second version. The German Invasion of Soviet Russia, June 1941 to March 1942. FITE is a redesign of Drang nach Osten, again published by Game Designer´s Workshop.
Designed by John M. Astell, Paul R. Banner, Frank Chadwick, and Marc W. Miller. Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan

Test Edition:
Playtest edition issued prior to publication. Packaged in two collage art Marita-Merkur boxes. The responses from playtesters of this draft game were used for final adjustments and changes in the 4/84 edition. Worthy of note is the care lavished on this edition: in addition to using existing Europa counter sheets, it included Europa Test Sheet A and Europa Test B- both sheets of properly colored, printed, and die cut counters.

First Edition, April 1984:
Red double-thickness Europa Map box. Probably the largest game ever published-and one of the best values for the money. The errata sheet for the game were dated April 1984, and 10 July 1984. The 10 July 1984 errata is definitive. 9,506 printed.

Game Components

  • six 21" x 27" maps
  • over 2500 die-cut counters
  • a complete set of rules
  • a complete set of charts
  • two dice

Game Reports

Our only Fire in the East game report so far was written up and shared by John Barr in 2001 and reports from the Axis side of the front. 
To the game report



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Extension Module

Links has a longer game description as well as an extensive magazine index for Fire in the East. provides the Errata as well as an alternative rules variant.

The Wargame Academy provides the full credits for Fire in the East as well as some additional information.


Air Units and Supply

In FitE/SE,  what happens to air units surrounded in a
pocket, and the pocket is out of supply?
Supply rules just say units, with special supply listing an RE amount
that can be carried by aircraft, but aircraft only have an RE Equivalent
listed in the Section on German’s operating in Finland, where each air
unit counts as one RE.

Air units didn’t need supply until an optional rule was introduced in
WW. So if using FitE/SE, just ignore them for supply calculations.
They never run out of supply.

Posted by Bill Jenman ( on the EuropaAssociation Mailing list at Yahoo, April 21st, 2015