Total War is a complete remake and updating of the classic Europa game Fire in the East. The game's Soviet order of battle makes extensive use of formerly secret Kremlin information on the Red Army forces that fought the war.
The game includes a Soviet order of battle for the Red Army from June 1941 to March 1942 and is the most comprehensive game OB ever published on the Red Army in peace and war.

The Axis order of battle also is updated, reflecting new research since the publication of Fire in the East. The rules for Total War incorporate the latest rules for the Europa system, with on-demand air power, armor effects, combined arms, and much more, recreating both the German blitzkrieg that captured entire Soviet armies and the Soviet deep operations that nearly splintered the invaders in the depth of the Russian winter.

Game Components

  • Rules Book
  • Soviet Order of Battle booklet
  • Axis Order of Battle booklet
  • 6 Europa maps
  • 15 counter sheets.

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Predecessor: Fire in the East