Europa Game IX, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. The Near East is a module which provides forces and maps not otherwise provided in Europa games. Just like The Urals it is not playable separately, but can be played in conjunction with Western Desert

The module was initially published in May 1983 in a red-brown Europa Map box. The errata sheet for the game was dated 7 December 1983 and is definitive.

Designed by John M. Astell.

Printed: 7,062

Game Components

  • three 21" x 27" maps (Europa Maps 20, 21, 22)
  • 40 die cut counters (Counter Sheet #35)
  • chart set

Related Games

Can be played only in conjunction with Western Desert

Succeded by War in the Desert


ETO Newsletter

“Hitler Turns South” (Proposal for Europa scenario postulating Axis thrust in Mediterranean and Near East in 1941) - ETO #11
Battling in the Backwater, Ben Knight (Ben's experience playing “Iraq and Roll” with Near East) - ETO #26


Britain: The Middle East, Sep I 39 to Dec I 40, by John Astell, Nuts & Bolts #3
Europa Diary: Western Desert/The Near East, by Terry Foskett, Nuts & Bolts #10/11

The Europa Magazine

“The Iraq Petroleum Company: Pipelines through the Near East.” By Frank Watson. TEM 18.
“The Near East Errata Sheet.” TEM 41.
“Revolt in Iraq: Rashid Ali and the Golden Square, April-May 1941.” By Frank Watson - TEM 27.
“Tracks to the Orient: A Secondary Road System for The Near East.” By Frank Watson - TEM 27.
“Turkish Entry into the Russian Campaign.” By Phillip Buhler. TEN 2.


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