Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – R&C

Units of the Yok Para III embark on transports and land unscathed from US fighter interception at Cavite – totally undefended by the Allies. The sons of Nippon launch a massive sea landing at Nasagubu and Batangas, using the Formosan regiments as the main forces. The PT-2 reacts out of Lucena and intercepts the fleets but is bombed out of existence at destroyer range before it can have any effect. CDs at Batangas try to interfere with the landings and successfully hits the Cruiser Myoko before being disrupted from other ships in the fleet.

At batangas the Kure III is disrupted coming ashore but the remaining IJN and IJA units force the defending Filipinos back to San Pablo (5:1 = DR).

During the exploitation phase, units move up to Cavite and capture a Res Pt north of San Pablo while a host of Infantry, Light Mountain units and a baseforce come ashore.

Further north, the northern end of the allied line is attacked by three Lt inf XXs and the defending Filipinos are forced back (3:1 = DR).


The Allies draw back to the MacArthur Line while the US 12th XX and attached F IIIs and Artillery attack across the river from Manila into Cavite, defended by the 48/1 For and Yok III. Zeros intercept A-24s supporting the attack and the last P-40E is aborted while the A-24 is killed. The attack is a disaster for the Allies (2:1 = AR). The units flee in terror to Taytay and can only be persuaded in the exploitation phase to reoccupy the empty capitol city.

To the east Armoured and Mechanised units attack the 2 For III north of San Pablo and destroy the exposed regiment, recapturing the Res Pts that had been seen by the Japanese earlier (2:1 +2 AECA = DH).

US Infantry and artillery are sent to San Pablo to join the defenders.