Europa Game II, The Eastern Front of World War II, April 1942 to February 1945. Designed by Paul R. Banner and Frank Chadwick. UNT is a continuation of DNO; it is not playable without DNO. Published by GDW Games in 1973.


9/73 edition. Initial publication. Brown corrugated box; after approximately 1,000 games were sold, packaging shifted to a 12 x 15 zip lock bag. Errata sheets for the game were dated September 1973 and 1 Jan 1974 (errata for Unentschieden were the same as for DNO). 1500 printed.

1/75 edition. Revision. 12 x 15 zip lock bag. Errata sheets for the game were dated Jan 1975, 1 Jan 1976, and 25 Jan 1976 (errata for UNT were the same as for DNO). The 25 Jan 1976 errata is definitive.
Unentschieden is German for "stalemate." 5,395 printed.

Game Components

  • Four partial mapsheets (numbered Europa 6 through 9).
  • Two 10" x 27" and one 8" x 27" mapsheet extending the DNO map to the east
  • One 27" x 13" mapsheet estending the DNO map to the south & east
  • One set of six supplementary unit countersheets (for a total of 2128 counters) consisting of:
    • One Europa sheet 6
    • One Europa sheet 7
    • Two Europa sheet 8
    • One Europa sheet 9
    • One Europa sheet 10 (partial sheet)
  • One rules folder and cover.
  • One set of supplementary charts and tables.
    • One Soviet Initial Order of Battle
    • One Soviet Order of Appearance
    • One Soviet Unit Substitution Chart
    • One German Initial Order of Battle
    • One German Order of Appearance
    • One German Unit Substitution Chart

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Partisan! Complete Rules for Partisan Warfare, by Gus Tagland , Nuts & Bolts #1
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