Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – M&C

38th XX lands at Cebu island.

Units for the 4th Dan Armoured XX begin to gather at Luzon. the 4th XX, SNLF IIIs and 21/62 III push the defenders of San Pablo out of the town (3:1 = DR).

At the MacArthur Line 5+ Japanese XXs hit the eastern most fort in the wooded rough terrain and with the aid of light units are able to break the line and force the defenders back (4:1 -2 fort and terrain = DR). MacArthur claims cowboy contractors used in the construction are to blame.

Cebu City – IJA forces attack much to the amusement of the Allies and the Attack is a stalemate with the only result being a waste of supplies (1:1 -1 rough = AS) [For some reason I thought Cebu City was clear terrain!! Doh]


Manila is decalred an open city and Res Pts are moved to the tail of Luzon. Units start to pull out of the line to new defensive positions in the south. The decision is made by MacArthur to pull his HQ back to Legaspi.