A game in the Europa series that covers the 1940-41 Italian and German invasions of Greece and Yugoslavia. The original print run of this game is sold out, so it is now available only as a ‘plain white box’ version.

Designer: John Astell
Artist: Winston Hamilton, Barbie Pratt
Publisher: Games Research/Design (GR/D)

First Edition (1990)

Game components:

  • Two maps (in two full sheets as 14A & 15B or six quarter sheets as 14A:NW, 14A:NE, 14A:SW, 14A:SE, and 15B:NW, & 15B:NE)
  • Four counter sheets (Europa 20A, 21A, 22A and Europa ACS-2 Sheet)
  • Rules booklet (includes Rules and Order of Battle)
  • Charts & Tables:
  • Victory Chart
  • Turn Record and Weather Table
  • Axis Game Chart
  • Allied Game Chart
  • Terrain Effects Chart/Combat Results Tables (x2)
  • Unit Identification Chart (x2)
  • Two six-sided dices

A refit kit was published in 2000 : Only new counters and rules included. The refit kit was sold separately from the game. The refit kit was also included in Wavell's War (as stated on it's cover) : 1 mapsheet overlay & 3 countersheets (n° 20A R, 21 A R, 22A R).

Second Edition (2002)

Game components:

  • AS ABOVE, EXCEPT Rules and Charts printed "2nd Edition" AND:
  • Four counter sheets, totalling 1120 counters (Europa 20A-R, 21A-R, 22A-R and Europa Universal Marker Sheet) - dated 1999
  • Revised Order of Battle (20 pages) - dated 2000

Balkan Front replaces Marita-Merkur

Balkan front works together with the module  Wavell´s War

Game Reports

Balkan Front No 1: Robert Williams colorful description of a Balkan Front campaign game is from 2001, but still a lot of fun to read.
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Balkan Front No 2: Brian O`Connell shared this game report of a full Balkan Front campaign game played in 2004 against Jim Broshot and Dean T. Moon.
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Balkan Front is currently available from  HMS/GRD

Balkan Front at boardgamegeek.com

Balkan Front Errata from HMS/GRD

Balkan Front Rules (Second Edition) from HMS/GRD