A game in the Europa series that covers the 1940-41 Italian and German invasions of Greece and Yugoslavia. The original print run of this game is sold out, so it is now available only as a ‘plain white box’ version.

Designer: John Astell
Artist: Winston Hamilton, Barbie Pratt
Publisher: Games Research/Design (GR/D)

First Edition (1990)

Game components:

  • Two maps (in two full sheets as 14A & 15B or six quarter sheets as 14A:NW, 14A:NE, 14A:SW, 14A:SE, and 15B:NW, & 15B:NE)
  • Four counter sheets (Europa 20A, 21A, 22A and Europa ACS-2 Sheet)
  • Rules booklet (includes Rules and Order of Battle)
  • Charts & Tables:
    • Victory Chart
    • Turn Record and Weather Table
    • Axis Game Chart
    • Allied Game Chart
    • Terrain Effects Chart/Combat Results Tables (x2)
    • Unit Identification Chart (x2)
  • Two six-sided dices

A refit kit was published in 2000 : Only new counters and rules included. The refit kit was sold separately from the game. The refit kit was also included in Wavell's War (as stated on it's cover) : 1 mapsheet overlay & 3 countersheets (n° 20A R, 21 A R, 22A R).

Second Edition (2002)

Game components:

  • AS ABOVE, EXCEPT Rules and Charts printed "2nd Edition" AND:
  • Four counter sheets, totalling 1120 counters (Europa 20A-R, 21A-R, 22A-R and Europa Universal Marker Sheet) - dated 1999
  • Revised Order of Battle (20 pages) - dated 2000

Balkan Front replaces Marita-Merkur

Balkan front works together with the module  Wavell´s War

Game Reports

Balkan Front No 1: Robert Williams colorful description of a Balkan Front campaign game is from 2001, but still a lot of fun to read.
To the game report

Balkan Front No 2: Brian O`Connell shared this game report of a full Balkan Front campaign game played in 2004 against Jim Broshot and Dean T. Moon.
To the game report



“Airdrop on Crete.” By Frank Watson. TEM 40.
“Balkan Front Bootcamp Rules.” By Deen Wood. TEM 22
“Balkan Front Designer’s Notes.” By John Astell. TEM 16.
“Balkan Front Errata Sheet (Dec I 90).” TEM 16.
“Balkan Front Errata, 1 December, 1997.” TEM 57.
“Balkan Front Expanded Sequence of Play.” By Martin Duke. TEM 57.
“Balkan Front Q&A” By Rich C. Velay with Rick Gayler in Rules Court. TEM 57.
“A Balkan Front Rematch.” By John Astell. TEM 29.
“Balkan Front Revised Order of Battle.” TEM 75.
“Balkan Front Revisited: New Strategies and Revised Victory Conditions.” By Flavio Carrillo and Jason Long. TEM 26.
“The Balkan Front Small Solution.” By Ralf Schulz. TEM 57.
“Battlefield Report: Beleaguered Greece – Or, how can the Axis threaten Athens without German aid?.” By Edward Dickenson. TEM 57.
“Game Report: Plan Y.” By Sven-Åke Bengtsson. TEM 38/39.
“Halt! Who Goes Where? Examining the Hungarian Operational Area.” By Joe Pyland. TEM 57.
“An Italian Blitzkrieg? – A ‘Plan Y’ Replay.” By Sven Ake Bengtsson. TEM 57.
“The Macedonian War – Bulgaria Invades Yugoslavia, 1940. By Frank Watson. TEM 57.
“Historical Setups for Balkan Front.” By Michael Parker. TEM 40.
“Neutral Yugoslavia.” By Frank Watson. TEM 57.
“Olive Picking: A Greek Setup to Upset the Italians.” By Ben Knight. TEM 19.
Optional Rules in “Inside Europa.” By John Astell. TEM 17.
“Plan Y? Because We Like It.” By Mark Pitcavage. TEM 18.
“Play Notes.” In “Inside Europa.” By John Astell. TEM 16.
“Q&A: Balkan Front to Brandenburgers.” By Rich Velay. TEM 66.
“Showdown in the Balkans.” By Mark Pitcavage. TEM 13.
“The Siege of Belgrade Contest.” By Frank Watson. TEM 46.
“The Siege of Belgrade Resolved.” By Frank Watson. TEM 53.
“Strait to Hellas.” By Ben Knight. TEN 4.

Line of Communications

"Aircraft Counters for Balkan Front and Icarus" by Duncan MacLean, LOC #6


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