Stacking in Europa

A short introduction into the history of stacking in Europa by Rich Velay. Not talking about Overstack. Promise!
Stacking in Europa

How To conntect War in the Desert and Second Front

After an particularily enjoyable game of WitD, Phil Mason and Derek Cassidy decided to find out what happens if they took the game result as the starting point for a new game of Second Front. Connecting the two games took more effort than expected but was quite rewarding. Here is how it works! [read more]

Occupying Denmark in Storm over Scandinavia

As with all games with a low counter density, the invasion of Denmark in SOS can be optimized for the German player and maximize his chances for a historical result, i.e. to make virtually sure Denmark surrenders after the first game turn. Arthur Goodwin did the reasearch, you can read it all here: Occupying Denmark in Storm over Scandinavia

Defending Sicily in Second Front

From the Second Front Rules Guru and arguably one of the best Europa players, Rich Velay, presenting his version of the defense of Sicily agains the Allied in Second Front and, by conjunction, teaching you a lot about Axis strategy in SF.
How to Defend Sicily in Second Front

Sicily map

The Collapse of Fascism

Another essay by Rich Velay, proposing a different game mechanism for the surrender of Italy. In the RAW rules, a crafty Axis player can not only delay any Italian surrender check for an extended length of time, the Axis player can also control when that check is made to a much greater degree than would seem appropriate given the historical situation and record. This Fascist Collapse rule attempts to address both of these concerns. [read more]

Seamen from HMS Warspite watch the surrendered Italian Fleet, 1943