March to Victory - Front Cover

March to Victory - Front Cover

A game in the "Great War" series that covers the 1914-16 Campaigns in France and Italy. This war to end all wars was fought in the dawn of new technology that laid waste to vast empires and their armies. Virtually all our modern weapons were first used in this war. The tactics were not. Mass attack resulted in mass destruction. During this war both sides were forced to rebuild their armies. Each new army with the air and naval forces are in this game. This game features many scenarios, and the ability to play with, or without the air and naval system.

The Game was designed by A. E. Goodwin and Eric Pierce and is the first of five games that are planned to cover the whole of the First World War.


Battle of Liege - A MTV Battle scenario by Eric Pierce, published in August 2016 on the Europa Mailing List.


The Europa Magazine

“Field Report: 1916.” By Michael Tapner. TEM 76.
March to Victory – Europafest 1998.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 71.
March to Victory – Europafest 1999.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 71.
“MtV Player Notes: Bombardments.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 76.
“MtV Player Notes: The Need to Attack.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 76.
“Play Notes for the Grand Fleet.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 72.
“The Schlieffen Plan, Solitaire.” By Carl Kleihege. TEM 72.

Game Reports

March to Victory No 1: Before buying GR/D from the estate of Winston Hamilton, Karl Kleihege was heavily involved in the design and development of March to Victory. The game was demonstrated at several conventions and three successive Europafests - this short report is from Europafest 1998.

March to Victory No 2: Another short writeup from a March to Victory game at Europafest by Carl Kleihege. In this report from 1999, the "February 1915" scenario was played.

March to Victory No 3:The third and last of the March To Victory game reports from Europafest written bei Carl Kleihege - 2000.

March to Victory No 4: This game report details the course of a campaign game of March to Victory, played in 1998-99 and written up by Carl Kleihege.

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