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  • Exactation (7/16/2020) - Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest in my little project, even if I haven’t updated in a while. The Pandemic, while so far having spared family and friends, keeps my busy with school closings and home office, cooking and organizing. So although Ken has faithfully plodded on with his monumental “Scorched Earth” report, […]
  • Anniversaries: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. (12/27/2019) - Twenty years since the first iteration of this website went online. Ten years since “Total War” was supposed to be published. Currently online: March ’43 in a game that is slowly reaching epic proportions: The “Scorched Earth”-report by Ken Newall. Red the new turn reports here. Happy New Year, everyone!
  • Christmas in Velikiye Luki (8/9/2019) - After the conclusion of this years staff rides to the battlefields of Bennigton, Fort Henry and Prospect Park, we now return to our regular schedule with news from Ken Newalls Scorched Earth game. Three turn reports in a row means we’re approaching the end of 1942, and the chickens have finally come home to roost […]
  • Bleak Years (6/12/2019) - After two years and uncountable losses and destruction, neither side can claim victory in the East. The Axis still flies the swastika from the towers of the Kremlin, and their spearheads repeatedly cut the last rail line to Leningrad in summer.  In the South, the Germans repeated last years successes on a smaller scale, repeatedly […]
  • The Axis Allies in Barbarossa (3/10/2019) - The last essays from Jason Long’s defunct website “Panzerkeil” have now been published in the Academy, with the kind permission of the author: The Axis Allies on the Eastern Front    
  • In Memoriam Panzerkeil (1/19/2019) - Jason Long is a household name to many Europa players. Jason did a lot of historical research centered on the war in the East and the Balkans and published numerous articles in TEM and various Newsletters. He also created several Europa scenarios (“Clash of Titans”) and designed the unpublished Peace in Our Time game on […]
  • Three Turns in May (On Christmas Day) (12/25/2018) - Our first “Fall of France” game report has arrived, belatedly in two ways, first because the game is now quite old, and second because the game was played in 2012. However, we think it will make for a nice addition to the War Archive, and its author, Mike Willner, has allowed us to publish it […]
  • After Barbarossa – The status of Ken Newalls Scorched Earth game (12/13/2018) - Those of you following us on Twitter or are members of the Yahoo Europa Group will have recieved the biweekly updates to Ken Newalls ongoing game of Scorched Earth. All others hopefully will have taken a look at the expanding game report in the Archive now and then. For those who missed it, here’s a […]
  • Valencia, dear Valencia mine (12/10/2018) - Dan Waldstein graciously shared his report of a full game of FWtBT using a variable beginning of the revolution. The biggest upset during the start of the game was that Valencia also declared for the insurgency, and the Spanish Republic never recovered from that. In September 1937, all was over. How it happened, you can […]
  • World War II Armed Forces – (10/15/2018) - Dr. Niehorster’s website on the Armed Forces of World War II needs little introduction I presume, being around even longer than the Generalstab and having itself established as one of the most important sites on TO/Es on the web. His thorough research has been the base for countless wargames, and his books are an established […]
  • The Year of the Gold Dragon (10/9/2018) - We’re grateful for being able to provide you with yet another War in the Desert game report. This one was played and written up in the summer of 2018 by Bill Jenman. Since the game was mainly played to test some modifications of the Malta status number, the second half of the game report, from […]
  • A small gem and a big conundrum (9/28/2018) - David Tinny was so kind as to provide a short game report of a WitD/GE test game he played this spring. Since the turn reports were sparse, I made a page for each year instead of each turn or month. Sadly enough, the website refused to show me the pages, throwing a 404 like a […]
  • Stonebooks (8/22/2018) - Reading on anything to do with the Second World War is an intimidating task, since the literature is so vast that it seems impossible for any laymen to identify relevant books or simply those well enough written to deserve notice. Military history remains a topic of high interest, and serious studies often drown in the […]
  • Iterum ante portas (8/21/2018) - It is December 1941, (again). An unusually mild winter sees the Germans firmly in possession of Moscows suburbs after a gruelling campaign, while in the North forward detachments have finally reached the Murmansk railway line. Further south the Germans have occupied vast swathes of the Ukraine, though Odessa and Sevastopol still hold out against the […]
  • Like distant rolling thunder (7/12/2018) - Fire in the East/Scorched Earth truly defined the term “monster game” new when they came out. At more than 3.000 counters and maps large enough to cover a small basement floor, the game dwarved the competition. SE’s complexity and size also severly limited the number of games played, so we are very proud to be […]
  • No more questions (5/17/2018) - Hi everyone, apologies, but we had to deactivate the FAQs, since the plugin we used to display them managed to break WordPress’ backend. At least thats what we suspect, we were suffering from the “White Screen of Death” for some weeks now, and deactivating the plugin remedied parts of the trouble. We’re still having occasional […]
  • For the Glory of the Fatherland (4/18/2018) - Today we added a long due work to the library entries: The official history of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, 1941-1945. Research into the historiography of the Second World War in the USSR is still ongoing, so expect additions and corrections.
  • Spit & Polish (3/27/2018) - In addition to the Combined Arms index mentioned yesterday, we were also able to add ETO #57 and #58 to the ETO index, thanks to information provided by Edmond (Thank you!). We’ve updated a couple of game pages to include the new references, and this should bring the newletter section indeed to completion – unless […]
  • Obituaries (3/26/2018) - My staff notified me today that, which for years was the first address to learn about the Soviet Army in World War Two, has been unavailable for a couple of days now. I guess I could start making a hobby from starting to list websites, gamers and designers from the Europa community and those […]
  • By the roll of a dice (1/29/2018) - Strategy games usually focus on the front lines of a conflict, and gamers will have long discussion when the rollout of a new anti-tank gun happend and in what numbers, and if the upgrade of this or that unit is justified as per OB or should happen earlier – or not at all. Logistics, the […]
  • Seasons in the Sun (1/12/2018) - We continue our publications from the rich trove of articles kindly provided by Carlos Perez from  An excellent overview on the state of Spains Army at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, we have Alberto Arzaneguis essay on The Spanish Army in 1936 in the department of Order of Battle research. Additionally, a kind gamer […]
  • The long dark night (12/27/2017) - Happy season holidays, whatever you might celebrate, if you do! Posting here is kind of ironic, considering the message of love and all that. But I thought I’d drop some new reading material for the long winter days,  after the family chaos has subsided a bit and everyone finds some quiet time for themselves. So […]
  • Pasaran? (12/15/2017) - The Spanish Civil War ended in the Summer of 1939 with the defeat of the Republic and the takeover of fascist dictator “Generalissimus” Franco. Mass executions and an exodus followed, as hundreds of thousands of republican, communist, anarchist or democratic Spanish tried to flee to neighbouring countries. Only months later the Second World War broke […]
  • The Casino is Closed (12/6/2017) - It was a test, and as such, it showed that there is no interest currently in an forum on this website. Which makes sense, considering there is less activity on the Europa mailing list every year. So for now, The forums have been closed. Thank you to all who posted there! There are still comments […]
  • Spanish Bombs on the Costa Brava… (12/1/2017) - The second round of updates provided by Carlos Pérez is going online today: An essay on the history of the Spanish Air Force in World War Two, and the resulting suggestion for a Grand Europa OB for the Spanish Air Forces. On a random side note, how do you call a linklist that exclusively links […]
  • The terribly beauty of wargames (11/17/2017) - Carlos Pérez was one of the most active spanish Europa-players. His historical interest mainly lay with the Spanish Civil War, and at his website he assembled an impressive collection of essays on the history of the civil war, written by internationally renowned military historians such as Brian R. Sullivan and Klaus Maier, to name […]
  • From the Archives (11/1/2017) - Thanks to the kind help of Europa veteran Jim Broshot, I was able to add an article index for the original Europa Newsletter published by GDW in 1976-78 to the library. The references also have been added to the pages of DNO and Narvik, respectively. For you, that means another little glimpse at Europa history, […]
  • Rounding up (10/23/2017) - While the generals talk I’ve slowly reached the limit of this years ideas and plans, and/or the limits of what I can post online without running afoul of copyright laws. This is probably a good moment to repeat my mantra: This website lives by its contributors. If there is anything online you think violates any […]
  • Another one bites the Dust (10/9/2017) - Some days ago, while expanding the “Europa Online” page, I noticed the “one Week Europa” crowd also joined the landowners: The website is offline, and as with most things Europa, I doubt they’ll be back any time soon. My updating frenzy of the last weeks is slowly coming to an end (not because of lack […]
  • In Memoriam Milo Minderbinder (10/2/2017) - Here’s this weeks updates so far: Added TEM index pages up to TEM #71 – getting ahead of my own schedule Added pages for the Grenadier and ETO as well, with potentially creating individual pages for issues, similar to the TEM pages, if can research enough information Added more postings (and pictures) to Gregory Bartels […]
  • A Spanish End (9/23/2017) - Ken Newall finally shared the last turns of his epic game report from his For Whom the Bell Tolls game. I can only again thank him for his efforts, the awesome writing and the permission to host this great report here. And Kudos for Ken to actually follow through to the very bitter (at least […]
  • Scanning Europa, one chart at a time (9/20/2017) - A big thanks today goes to Stefan Farelly, who sent me scans of the War in the Desert Charts and Counters. Another gap filled on the way to a complete digital presence of Europa on the webs (minus the sensitive copyrighted parts, of course). Thank you, Stefan! Also, I’ve progressed to No. 52 in the […]
  • Half a move (9/16/2017) - In preparation to upcoming additions I’ve started moving pages and posts around: Mainly the pages on TEM and all other publications related to Europa are moving into the new library section of the Academy, whereas the Arsenal will be for information on the game exclusively. This was more of an effort than I thought – […]
  • Chatter in the Forest (9/5/2017) - Hi there, while we are at the current speed of events, let me add another game report by Greg Bartels from 2013/14, an epic-length writeup of a short but eventful Campaign for Norway from Storm over Scandinavia. Gregs level of reporting is unparalelled in its detail, and while it might not be as entertaining as […]
  • One Two Three Four! (8/31/2017) - Todays Generalstab Archive News: A new game report, published with the kind permission of its author, Brian O’Donnell. I long hoped he would be able to finish the write up – but even the existing reports of 1937 are much better than my own write-ups, so here you go: FWTBT game report No 5. A […]
  • Byte rot and pixel dust (8/23/2017) - While browsing though the Kriegsarchiv I noticed there are still game reports not available or badly formatted. So I took some time to clean up some of the game reports, and the FWtBT, WiD and WD game reports should be fine to read now. With a new table plugin installed and in use the overview […]
  • The Republic in Peril II (8/22/2017) - More news from Ken Newall’s game report on For Whom the Bell Tolls: The last spring has come for the Spanish Republic. As the first green returns to the hills of the Serrania de Cuenca, the fascist forces finally have stretched the ressources of the Republic to its limits. While factional strife erupts in the […]
  • ¡No pasarán! (8/13/2017) - Back from summer break, we added more turn reports to the ongoing game of FWtBT by Ken Newall, and some exiting developments come with them: Despite relentless atacks by the Nationalists, who continue to enjoy their lavish support in weapons and munitions by the fascist powers in Europe, the Republic refuses to concede defeat in […]
  • The charge of the burning camels (7/20/2017) - More work done: I’ve enlarged the Academy and created sub-pages for essays and documents. The library now contains links to nearly all available official histories of World War I, while the page about WW 2 is being built. The corpus of links has grown sufficiently I believe to justify converting it into permanent pages. Also, […]
  • Any man who must say “I am the king” is no true king (7/19/2017) - Yes, its this time of the year again. I’ve rummaged around in the underbelly of this website quite a bit, but the only recognizable changes are an enlarged website footer with two navigations, and some additions to the links to official histories of World War I. I still hope its usefull to have them all […]
  • The republic in peril (4/2/2017) - No, not current politics I am talking about: Ken Newall’s game report of his solitary “For Whom The Bell Tolls” has progressed into the summer of ’37 now, and I can only recommend reading it! Thats all for today :)
  • Gentlemen, prepare your E-Readers (3/16/2017) - Just a small update: Besides adding more pages to Ken Newall’s game report of his solitary For Whom the Bell Tolls-Report I’ve also finally found some time to add the official Italian History of World War I to the link section (thanks again to Alex for the link!), and added links to the British Official […]
  • The Casino is open! (3/3/2017) - As a little experiment I’ve installed some more plugins (breaking my vow to not overload the poor site with gimmicks) and opened some forums. You’ll find them in the main navigation under “Casino” – I thought that would be a fitting name. Also, I´ve copy&pasted&adapted some rudimentary forum rules, but in the end I will […]
  • All Power to the People: An unofficial “Total War”-Playtest (2/20/2017) - A testament to the dedication and loaylty of the community. There, I always wanted to write such a sentence, and today I honestly have a reason for it: Robert, a member of the Europa mailing list, assembled a TW playtest set by using the TW maps and counters, and updating the FitE-rule set to modern […]
  • New game report (2/13/2017) - To start the New Year properly we have a brand new game report of For Whom the Bell Tolls, written by Ken Newall and reporting from his solitaire game featuring a variable start to the revolution. Thanks to Ken who allowed me publishing his reports here. Enjoy the read!
  • The Legion doesnt make Heros. Heros is what the legion kills (10/21/2016) - Just a short but sad news today: As of Oct 18th the Website of HMS is down. Since we also haven’t heard from anyone at HMS in some months , we fear this might just be yet another step in Europas slow demise. Lets pray to the gods of cardboard wars that everyone at HMS […]
  • More DJ05! (9/30/2016) - The epic Grand Campaign game of MtV/OT by Todd Jahnke reached May 1917 this Summer, with the Allied pounding furiously at the southern coust of Austria-Hungary while burning through their equipment at the Western Front. As usual, you find the reports for May I and May II in the Archive. Thanks to Todd, and enjoy […]
  • Ludendorff gets his will (8/17/2016) - We are grateful to announce that Eric Pierce has graciously given permission for his MTV Battle Scenario “Battle of Liege” to be published on these pages. The less-than historical achievements of the German side in the initial moves of several “March to Victory“-playtests have been discussed for years on- and offline. As usual, several fixes […]
  • The tooth of time… (4/18/2016) - …gnaweth at my posessions, just as it eats everything else. We had some water damage in the cellar, a broken pipe leaking directly into the box with my Europa-games carefully propped up on plastic boxes to protect it from water on the floor. When I came into the basement and noticed, the whole box was […]
  • Innofficial Innovations (1/29/2016) - Hi everyone, thanks to the kindness of Eric Pierce, I was able to add his well-reasearched new Order of Battle for the Soviet Union in the Winter War (1939-40) to the Academy pages. Of course its inofficial (When did the last official material get published anyway – 2002?), but in Eric´s words its “pretty close […]
  • Hello, Goodbye (1/1/2016) - I was adding some new posts on the Africa campaign replay of Todd Jahnkes ongoing DJ05-monster game recently. The Africa postings basically constitute a full game report by themselves, yet they are only one single post from a truly epic game. Putting these online reminded me – together with some helpful comments by readers – […]
  • Monthly routines (11/2/2015) - Only a short note today – small updates to the Glossary (a recent discussion of the Popofski maneuver made me finally fill out that article, and I´ve also added a small paragraph on AT guns, even though most other unit types are lacking any description. Additionally, Todd allowed us to publish his two newest posts on […]
  • From Byron to Churchill (8/21/2015) - Ralph Sunleys article on Greece in the British Mediterranean Strategy was slated for publication in TEM originally, but he graciously agreed to let us publish it on the Generalstab Archives for now.  For a well-informed look at the role of Greece in the bigger picture of British military strategy in the Mediterranean as well as the brutal […]
  • A Decennial Game Report (7/3/2015) - Today I have the pleasure of presenting a game report from Over There that has been in the making for more than ten years now. The first moves of Todd E. Jahnkes “DJ05” game report were recorded in 2004, and he and his game partner have reached the Autumn of 1916 in a truly epic game, […]
  • Terms and Conditions (6/22/2015) - In the past couple of days I have made some effort to update the glossary, put some images in and fill out those terms that needed some revision – or some text at all. Now it`s far from finished, but what on this website ever is? I think the status is good enough to at […]
  • Another Link Special, so to speak (6/9/2015) - Today I added all the different way on how to play the Europa Series on a PC. Actually, ADC2 is still missing, but I am working on that. I was impressed at the quality of the Cyberport modules for Europa, and of course I will always be grateful for the enormous amount of work that must […]
  • How it all came to be (5/22/2015) - I managed to finalize the translation of “About the General Staff” today. the original article was in German, and since I dropped the second language from the website, I had to translate it. the article describes the history of this website, intermixed with some personal information, various ramblings and other things probably not very interesting, but if you […]
  • Finally – a new content management system (5/19/2015) - It might be nothing that gets most of you exited, but behind the scenes I have worked for the better part of two years to finally transfer the Generalstab Archives into a WordPress-driven website. The initial migration was easy, except that every single post still needed to be cleansed of PHP remnants, reformatted and categorized. […]
  • The return of Classic Europa (2/27/2013) - “Classic Europa” is back! John Astell, chief designer for most of the past “Europa”-games, salvaged the materials from his old website that went under with Geocities, expanded them and put them back online at a new website. For a full review of the new website, read on.
  • The Veterans are holding out (1/17/2013) - A new bookmark is available in the “Links”-Section: A short review of Grognard, the veteran gamers website and the oldest platform for information on strategy games on the web.
  • Advice from a veteran player (10/23/2012) - Yay – we have a breadcrumb navigation now, thanks to a small php project that I was able to use. Three cheers for open source! In even more exiting news, Rich Velay has agreed to the Generalstab publishing his recent thoughts on the defense of Sicily in Second Front. Rich, apart from being a regular contributor […]
  • A visit to CARL (10/19/2012) - Work load has picked up. Another website recommendation is online, nevertheless: Have a look at our review of CARL, the Combined Arms Research Library, or rather its online presence.
  • War on Holland (8/13/2012) - Back from the holidays in Sardinia I would like to recommend a Website on the german invasion of the Netherlands that recently went online. “War on Holland”details the military operations in the fateful five days of May 1040 in unparalelled detail and is well worth a visit. Other work I’m currently doing is filling up […]
  • Things that go boom (7/2/2012) - Today we have a new link reccommendation: Greg Goebels vectorsite. Currently I am dedicating more efforts to the military database project again, so there wont be much more news other than links this summer.
  • Generalstab Updates, May 24th, 2012 (5/24/2012) - Mostly minor revisions not readily visible: I consolidatet some of the PHP code into less files and extended the CSS: We have now nixe boxes around larger images, and Icons denoting the type of link, wether external, internal, mail or footnote. Even less visible initially: I’ve started filling up the Arsenal, starting with the entry […]
  • Generalstab Updates, May 15th, 2012 (5/15/2012) - Just a short note that a new link entry has been posted with information about the Red Army during World War II, and a link to pretty exiting source files, if you are into esoteric stuff.
  • Generalstab Updates, May 11th, 2012 (5/11/2012) - The last two weeks went by with transferring the games entries from the german glossary to the armory, a process that is by no means finished. The glossaries both look okay now, except the image placements and some lacking entries, but a lot of the 80 new pages in the arsenal still lack content or […]
  • Generalstab Updates, April 24th, 2012 (4/24/2012) - FINALLY managed to fix the %!§$*! language selector. I have no idea how it got messed up again, I do remember distinctly it was working some time ago. I’ve tested it in Firefox and Internet Explorer, if there are any problems remaining, let me know. Thanks at any rate for Gabriel C. at Bitrepository who’s […]
  • Generalstab Updates, April 23rd, 2012 (4/23/2012) - We’ve just updated the Links with some information about whereabouts of the Nafziger collection.
  • Generalstab Updates, April 18th, 2012 (4/18/2012) - The new navigation is up and running in English, too, though it does look less than optimal in Internet Explorer, and the language picker seems to be a little flawed – again. I need to work on that. In other news, we’ve started a collection of interesting Links, and the armory is now exclusively dedicated […]
  • Generalstab Updates, April 17th, 2012 (4/17/2012) - I am rapidly improving the site right now, at least it looks like that to me. From the outside, it probably gives the impression that I’m making a mess of things. I managed to plug the great navigation presented by Guillaume Marty on NetTut+ into the german version of the site, and will work on […]
  • Generalstab Updates, April 12th, 2012 (4/12/2012) - I started working on the website again some days ago. The most noticable change will be font sizes – I found it uncomfortable to read longer articles with the standard font size. Now I am expanding the german glossary and have also started assembling an english glossary, which has since grown to potentially take over […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 5.7.2010 (7/10/2010) - Hello everyone. The past two days I’ve fixed errors in the navigation (two game reports were inaccesible) and improved the right navigation that pops up on multi-page-articles. Now its possible to jump back from there to the category the article is placed in, and additionally I’ve increased the width of the column to include longter […]
  • Fixed the language picker (6/10/2010) - Its been a while, I’d say. I’ve finally found some time to fix the error in the language settings, which took some time. Funny how fast a website grows old. Next step should be grazing the Europa-Mailing-List archive for some more game reports and putting them online. Plus, I need to fix the Archive, its […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 10.6.2010 (6/10/2010) - Its been a while, I’d say. I’ve finally found some time to fix the error in the language settings, which took some time. Funny how fast a website grows old. Next step should be grazing the Europa-Mailing-List archive for some more game reports and putting them online. Plus, I need to fix the Archive, its […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 14.9.2008 (9/14/2008) - The new job doesn’t really leave much time for the website these days, so today its only a game report of “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, submitted by Ralph Sunley, and already published on the Europa mailing list in 2007. Ralph tried the what-if-scenario “Invasion of Spain” that deals with the theoretical occupation of Spain […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 11.8.2008 (8/11/2008) - For a start into the new material, I’ve put online a game report by Brian M. O’Donnell from a game of Balkan Front played in 2004 with the new rules of “Wavell’s War”. Have fun – and many thanks to Brian!
  • Generalstab Updates, 8.8.2008 (8/8/2008) - The new layout has been uploaded and seems to work fine, except that the table with the list of games in the Archive is driving me crazy: Whatever I try, MS Exploder won’t render the table but shows a blank page instead. I’ve posted my problem in a forum now and will wait for input, […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 17.7.2008 (7/17/2008) - Yes, I admit, its been a while. Finishing university (after all those years), getting a job and all that kept me way too busy to think about updates for a long time. But in the end my interest in military history never left me, so here we’re back, and I hope to be able to […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 25.2.2004 (2/25/2004) - I’ve filled the gaps in Alan Tibbetts Second Front game report and put up a few more turns, other than that real-life keeps me to busy I’m afraid.
  • Generalstab Updates, 4.1.2004 (1/4/2004) - To begin the new year I’ve cleaned up some areas of the archive and asked by mail for some more game reports, which will be put online as they arrive. Alan Tibbetts report has been completed into the Fall of ’44, and I’ve fixed the missing images from the german glossary. More to come, as […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 16.6.2003 (6/16/2003) - Apart from some minor repair I’ve done there’s new stuff in the Zentralabteilung. Unfortunately, the small glossary I’ve written is intended to trranslate into German some of the stranger terms from the Europa-Community, so it will be of little use to you English-speaking folks. Still it was lots of more work than I exprected. Other […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 12.2.2003 (2/23/2003) - The Kriegsarchiv keeps growing, the newest two additions beeing two WOR-Reports (from the Glory-Series), submitted by Robert Williams and Dean T. Moon, both of whom I’d like to express my gratitude here for their well-written and enjoyable reports. Still to come are two more essays for the Kriegsschule, and then I’ll start to clean up […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 25.1.2003 (1/25/2003) - We continue to expand this website slow but steadily with two new game reports by Robert Williams. Those of you who are members of thee association will already know it from TEM, but I think they still make a worthwhile reading. You’ll find his reports on Balkan Front and Storm over Scandinavia in the Kriegsarchiv. […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 6.1.2003 (1/6/2003) - Happy New Year to all of you! We’ll start ne next year with the second essay from Alan Tibetts, being a critical biography of Soviet Air Marshall Alexander A. Novikov, responsible for the rebuilding of the Soviet air force in the most critical time of the Great Patriotic War. More stuff will be coming soon, […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 27.12.2002 (12/27/2002) - Finally I found some time to convert the first of Alan Tibbetts esseys into HTML, and so you can view Parachuting the Netherlands in the Kriegsschule now. I’ve yet got to improve the text flow, but this has to wait another day, I’m afraid, it took me long enough to figure out how to make […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 27.11.2002 (11/27/2002) - No big deal today, I’ve added some turns to Alan Tibets game report in the Archive
  • Generalstab Updates, 16.10.2002 (10/16/2002) - Oh well, after some while I again found time to dip into my mailbox and come out with some more material. While some articles are still in the pipeline, Generalstab proudly presents a new Second Front Game Report, played and written by Alan Tibbetts, whom we would like to thank at this place for all […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 24.5.2002 (5/24/2002) - Today the Kriegsschule and the Arsenal changed places or better: swapped their content. I felt the term “War Colledge” better suited to the studys of military history, while the stuff needed to improve game play would better fit into the Arsenal. Other than that I spent a couple of hours correcting headers and navigation bars. […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 1.5.2002 (5/1/2002) - Just a correction of minor bits and pieces, basically I’ve included some more sophisticated Disclaimers. The guy who owns the german domain name of declined my offer to buy the adress from hin, despite the fact he’s not using it anyway, and despite the fact that he used to have several other sites presenting […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 22.4.2002 (4/22/2002) - I agree, its been a while since you’ve heard from me. I hope to dig out two new game reports in the future, as well as to revive some of the Generalstan-members, who’ve seem to be busy on other fronts as well. Most of you may have witnessed the great strife on Lysator, for you […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 14.8.2001 (8/14/2001) - Haven’t heard from my comrades for a while, but there was little to do anyway. I guess the university holidays in the states take their toll. Anyway, David Stokes has finished his game of “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, the Analysis is still missing but to follow soon.
  • Generalstab Updates, 6.7.2001 (7/6/2001) - Looks like everyone went into the summer break, a strange behaviour as the best time of the year to conduct any campaign comes closer. So few news this time, basically a few errors fixed and the game reports updated. Off to the Beach!
  • Generalstab Updates, 20.6.2001 (6/20/2001) - So I got at least a bit done today, although its mainly corrections, additions and some more turns of David Stokes “FWTBT”-Report which is taking definitly an interesting turn. Moons CV (europa-CV of course) is online now as well, so you can take a look at all the Generalstab-Members in the Zentralabteilung.
  • Generalstab Updates, 18.6.2001 (6/18/2001) - Sorry, but today there’s not more to report as more updates from different game reports, the most notable peeing the end of Fred Helferichs “War of Resistcane”. I returned from vacation just yesterday and have to catch up a bit.
  • Generalstab Updates, 16.5.2001 (5/16/2001) - Okay, so it didn’t quite work out with weekly updates yet, but I had a lot of new things online last week without announcing them, so its gonna be okay I guess. Three main points: We’ve got the CVs of most of the Generalstab-members in the Zentralabteiluung now, so you can see a little bit […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 5.5.2001 (5/5/2001) - Today we’ve got some news coming from Spain, David Stokes “For Whom the Bell Tolls” continues into 1938, and with the current balance between Republicans and Falangists its gonna be an exiting 1938 I assume. Additionally we’ve got News from the Gread Headquarters, where we’ll coment on the ongoing campaigns from now on. I found […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 2.5.2001 (5/2/2001) - More game reports pouring in, Fred continues his solitary play of WoR into January 1938, while we’ve put an experimental WitD into the pipeline.
  • Generalstab Updates, 25.4.2001 (4/25/2001) - Hello folks! Well, a new essay is up in the Kriegsarsenal, Glen Davis has contributed his history of the “Nisei” – US-born Japanese Soldiers in the US Army”. A topic I especially enjoyed as I rarely have the opportunity to read much about the war in the Pacific, and even more fascinating was the opportunity […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 22.4.2001 (4/22/2001) - Well, for all the mailing I did for the Generalstab, I failed to write something into the News Section until today. The most important News is that the Generalstab is no longer a one-man-show. Fron now on, Kurt Schletter will take over the game reports (the running games are to move into the HQ), Glen […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 4.3.2001 (3/4/2001) - Here we go again, with four new articles on the Italian Army in World War II in the “Kriegsschule” as well as two new game reports in the Archive. I’m pretty pleased with the amount of material coming in I can say. Unfortunatly my knowledge in PHP is still not good enough to present any […]
  • Generalstab Updates, 16.1.2001 (1/16/2001) - Happy New Year to whoever may read this :-) Haven’t been able to care for the Generalstab for quite a while, and any improvements in navigation are still only a couple of scribbled notes on my table here. However, we’ve got a new game up and running in the Kriegsarchiv, Brian O’Connell returns to Spain […]
  • Generalstab Update, 3.8.2000 (8/3/2000) - More stuff pouring into the Generalstab, I sincerely am looking someon to help prepare the material! Another full-fledged Second-Front-report kiwi style by Phil Mason has arrived, as well as additional chapters from the ongoing “Fight against Fascism” by Robert Williams. In preperation due to demand: The first Europa-Howto, written by Phil Mason and Derek Cassidy.
  • Generalstab Update, 22.7.2000 (7/22/2000) - My first server crash! Yeah! After 5 years of computing I finally lost some data – funny enough because of our first try in running an alledgedly stable Linux-Server. Well, you live, you learn. In the meantime I managed to improve the layout. Most pages come in tables now wich improves readability, and the images […]
  • Generalstab Update, 21.5.2000 (5/21/2000) - Back from vacation in Brest (France). The Baby-Grand-Scenario” from Robert Williams keeps growing, totay I’ve upped the first four months of ’44. Check it out in the Archive. Additionally a minor adjustment in the header size should give a more elegant look, despite this there’s much to do regarding design.
  • Generalstab Update, 12.4.2000 (4/12/2000) - The last part of Bob Williams Game Report on “The Damned Die Hard” went online today, together with minor improments in the site structure and some small navigation helps. No big deal yet, still didn’t find the time to convert all the stuff into tables.
  • Generalstab Update, 18.2.2000 (2/18/2000) - The last missing turn of Freds FWTBT-game report has now gome online, thanks to Fred, who mailed the missing turn to me. I’ve added another game report by Robert Williams as well. Currently there are no new updates in the pipeline, other that I’m going to do a little restructuring like putting all of the […]
  • Generalstab Update, 21.1.2000 (1/21/2000) - My second paper on military history, “How close came Germany to executing the Schlieffen Plan in 1914?”, is now online. Not quite PhD-capable, but maybe a good introduction to the topic.
  • Generalstab Update, 19.1.2000 (1/19/2000) - Freds game report on his game of FWTBT has been completed exccept the October of 1936 – if anyone still owns these reports I’d be grateful if you mail them to me. I’ve also reworked the pages to make them somewhat smaller.
  • Generalstab Update, 18.1.2000 (1/18/2000) - A new game report has arrived at the Kriegsarchiv, Robert Williams reports from the “Philippines fully prepared”-scenario from “The Damned Die Hard”, the Second game of the Glory-Series.
  • Generalstab Update, 17.1.2000 (1/17/2000) - Fixed some small spelling errors and html-mistakes. After some fumbling decided not to do the Spanish civil war report from Fred, as the JS-menues didn’t come out the way I wanted them to.


  1. Fred Jacobs

    I’m trying to find a “master list” or map guide that shows all the maps used in the GDW Europa series games. I do have one called “Fire in the East/Scorched Earth Map Guide” but only for FITE/SE.
    I also have another called “Europa 1989” & wonder if there is a later edition. Thanks!

    • chef

      Hi Fred,
      i was actually researching on how to create some kind of google maps application with overlays of the different Europa generation maps. unfortunately, the complexity demands more time than I currently have available for such a project. However, indexing Europa is very much on my list, from counter sheets to maps to – eventually. rules references.
      So I am sorry I currently can’t help you. However, should you be able to assemble such an index, by all means let me know :) You could also ask around at the Europa Association Group over on Yahoo, they are usually very helpful there.

  2. Ramon Weston

    The web links for the “Second Front from WitD” and “Second Front – Accountant Style” game reports are reversed.

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