A game in the Europa series that covers the 1940-41 campaigns in Denmark and Norway. Storm over Scandinavia is the successor to GDWs Narvik and contains several orders of battle for the scandinavian countries that cover the whole of World War Two.

Storm over Scandinavia also includes several hypothetical scenarios (such as a German invasion of Sweden, a British planned but never carried out “OperationThuderbolt” invasion of German-Occupied Norway in 1942, and Swedish intervention in 1945).

Designers: John Astell, A. E. Goodwin, Winston Hamilton

Published in 1998

Game components:

  • WWII Grand Europa OBs
  • counters for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in 5 countersheets (1400 counters)
  • 10 quarter-size maps
  • Game Charts

Game Reports

Storm over Scandinavia No 1 - Arctic Thunderbolt:  Robert Williams and Peter Peter Ljungberg played the scenario "Arctic Thunderbolt" from Storm over Scandinavia in the spring of 1999.

Storm over Scandinavia No 2 - Northern Theatre of Operations: Robert Williams again, this time delivering a very enjoyable game report on the scenario "Northern Theater of Operations" from Storm over Scandinavia, played and written up in February 2000.

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Predecessor: Narvik


The Europa Magazine

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Line of Communications

"Invading Sweden, 1943" by Andrew and Stefan Farrelly, LOC #4


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