A game in the Europa series that covers the 1940-41 campaigns in Denmark and Norway. Storm over Scandinavia is the successor to GDWs Narvik and contains several orders of battle for the scandinavian countries that cover the whole of World War Two.

Storm over Scandinavia also includes several hypothetical scenarios (such as a German invasion of Sweden, a British planned but never carried out “OperationThuderbolt” invasion of German-Occupied Norway in 1942, and Swedish intervention in 1945).

Designers: John Astell, A. E. Goodwin, Winston Hamilton

Published in 1998

Game components:

  • WWII Grand Europa OBs
  • counters for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in 5 countersheets (1400 counters)
  • 10 quarter-size maps
  • Game Charts

Game Reports

Storm over Scandinavia No 1 - Arctic Thunderbolt:  Robert Williams and Peter Peter Ljungberg played the scenario "Arctic Thunderbolt" from Storm over Scandinavia in the spring of 1999.

Storm over Scandinavia No 2 - Northern Theatre of Operations: Robert Williams again, this time delivering a very enjoyable game report on the scenario "Northern Theater of Operations" from Storm over Scandinavia, played and written up in February 2000.

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Predecessor: Narvik


The Europa Magazine

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Line of Communications

"Invading Sweden, 1943" by Andrew and Stefan Farrelly, LOC #4


Reboly District


Final question to the HMS/GRD regarding TW map 102: There is a geographical zone on this map in the USSR territory along the USSR/Finnish border called the “Reboly District” around hex 4333. What is this? Is this the area the Soviets offered the Finns in return to border adjustments around the Leningrad area, along with some islands in the Gulf of Finland, and maybe Hango, in the negotiations prior to the beginning of the Winter War, or is this something else?


The Reboly (or Repola) district (Soviet/Finnish spellings), as well as the Porosozero (or Porajarvi) district (hexes 102:4531, 4631, 4630, 4731, 4730, and 4829/Porosozero), were to have gone to Finland after a 1921 plebescite. The Soviets refused to honor this, however, and eventually transferred the Petsamo area to Finland instead (before they knew about the nickel deposits there). During the negotiations prior to the Winter War, the Soviets offered the Reboly district in exchange for the Finnish islands in Gulf of Finland and part of the Karelian peninsula. Some secondary sources (but not any primary source that I could find) say the offer was later amended to include the Porosozero district as well. The Finns rejected the offer, but in Grand Europa the die roll for Finnish reaction to the Soviet attempt to pressure Finland might go differently so the map has the district marked to accomodate this.


Posted by Arthur E. Goodwin on the Yahoo Europa Mailing list on
01.02.2013 07:00.

Supply in Petsamo


the Soviet winterized 4-6 Inf XX 104 at Petsamo is likely in regular supply in SoS NTO scenarios per Rule 12B4-Tracing Supply: Naval. In other words, a “naval element of a supply line” can apparently be traced from the Soviet owned and controlled port of Murmansk to Soviet occupied and controlled Petsamo at least until perhaps Allied intervention occurs. By the same token, I’m thinking that a Finnish ground unit at Petsamo, say placed there at the beginning of a SoS NTO scenario (and using all the SoS maps), could be in supply by the same “naval element” rule perhaps until German intervention occurs in the game. Is this correct?


For Soviet supply at Petsamo, the jist of what you said above is correct. See post #54992 here.

On the other side of the table, if Western intervention is triggered, Petsamo becomes a restricted supply source for up to 4 REs of Finnish, Foreign Volunteer, and Western Intervention Force (AWW Rule 12C2). There’s not really any way for the Finns to keep a unit there in supply before Western invention.

Note that the above applies to a stand-alone game of AWW. If playing the NTO scenario of SOS, then SOS Rule 12B4 governs the tracing of the naval element of supply lines. Note that 12B4 refers players to Rule 34F for restriction on tracing naval elements, and player will need to understand the naval concepts mentioned in 34F.


Posted by David Stokes on the Yahoo Europa Mailing list on 23.01.2013 08:49