Weather: C&C, C&Rough, Mud and Calm

The fort north of Manila is attacked and the surviving defenders fall back to the open city (4:1 -1 fort = DH) The 51st Cadre joins the defenders. North east of the city a Lt XX and the 4 Dan XX attack units based on the 41st XX and force them back (2:1 +2 AECA = DR). On the coast of Tayabas Bay several US and F IIIs are destroyed but at the cost of the 4th XX and Kure III. (2:1 = EX). MacArthur calls for urgent aid from Washington.

Japanese Infantry RPs land at Batangas, ready to rebuild some destroyed units.

In the exploitation phase, IJA forces enter Taytay, cutting off the Manila defenders from the rest of Luzon.


Several US units are rebuilt and sent into the front line. The Manila forces split their attacks in two directions – one attack against Taytay with help from units at Laymon Bay fails to shift the IJA defenders (2:1 -1 AECD = AS) South from Manila in conjunction with Arm/Mech units the Japanese defenders of Cavite are destroyed opening the southern route from Manila (1.5:1 +1 AECA = HX). The attackers advance into the town.