During 1976-1977, GDW published four issues of a flier called The Europa Newsletter. The fifth issue became a full-fledged magazine, and expanded its coverage to GDW's other, non-Europa offerings as well.  Originally titled The Paper Soldier, the first issue under the new banner "The Grenadier Wargaming Quarterly" appeared in January 1978. The first issues were digest size (5-1/2" by 8-1/2") with 32 pages, and dealt exclusively with Game Designers Workshop products as well asgeneral military history. Beginning with Issue 4, it ceased being a house organ and other company's games began to be discussed.

In 1980, The Grenadier was slated for discontinuance, and Issue 12, dated January 1981, was the last issue published by Game Designers Workshop. Jeffery Tibbetts offered to continue publication, and Issue 13, dated June 1981, was published by J Tibbetts & Son. The issue was physically printed by Tibbetts and son Robert on a press in the garage of author Thomas J. Bates.

Issue 14 saw the abandonment of the digest format in favour of a larger, magazine style (8-1/2" x 11"). Tibbets assumed the role of editor and continued publication at an irregular schedule until No 35, the final issue.