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Notes from the Japanese commander

Don’t forget to take Legaspi! I forgot it was a supply source for theAllies. Confounding this issue was the US RR Siege Gun II sitting here forthe entire game – but this doesn’t excuse me for not landing outside thecity and seizing it overland. By the time it struck me that the US stillhad a supply source once Manila was declared open I was over committed insouthern Luzon and the US had all ports in the “tail” garrisioned with unitsand those pesky 1-4 CD battalions.

Use the paratroopers – I didn’t use them enough in this game – maybe due to the initial high number of US Fighter squadrons. These units are good forsudden attacks and seizing ports and air strips, not as line infantry.

In this scenario there are lots of units but supplies taper off towards the end – don’t burn off Attack Supply on attacks involving a couple of units -use as many as possible to get the greatest benefit.

There are lots of VPs to be gained securing air strips – don’t be afraid in this scenario to spend some time hopping from island to island capturing airstrips and minor ports, in this game it ensured I had a comfortable buffer of VPs at the end.


Apr III 1942


Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

Supplies arrive from Formosa and allow an attack to be launched against the Pascao garrision. Fighting is desperate and bloody but the japanese prevail and seize the town from the allies. Two US IIIs, a Filipino III and assorted artillery are lost while the 1st J XX scuttles across the river to join the main defence line. In return the 38th XX and 53rd Light XX are cadred. (3:1 -1 = EX).

In Cebu Japanese forces still face off the Filipino units in the city.


A handful of units are scraped up at Legaspi and sent into the line.MacArthur is evacuated by sub to take up command in the Alaskan theatre under direct orders of Roosevelt. The Japanese commander is transferred tothe mini subs for suicide runs into Sydney harbour with the express orders to take out the coathanger. The North Borneo Volunteers continue to sit out the war drinking G&Ts and watching the sun rise over the beach at Sandakan.

The game is mutually agreed to end at this point for several reasons -Corregidor wouldn’t hit U-4 until the last week of May, lack of Japanese Attack Supply, the high number of cadred units and the likelihood the remainder of the battle would be bloody and the writing was on the wall -sooner or later an EX or something would occur allowing the Japanese (what was left of them) to take Legaspi. Besides, we were tired.

VPs were tallied – US 165, Japanese 177 – note this did not include losses inflicted by the Japanese as once we saw this number and the mass of green cardboard in the replacement pool it was seen the Japanese had clearly won.

Apr II 1942


Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

An attack is launched on the defenders based around the rock of the Filipino1st XX – despite massive odds (5:1 -2 wooded rough +1 Light forces), theallies slowly retreat avoiding casualties(DR). The Japanese commander isresting in his command tent folding napkins into paper hats (oragami notbeing his strong point) when his supply officer nervously approaches andannounces that there are no more supplies left for the offensive. Aghast,the Japanese commander surveys his battle map – not a Res Pt anywhere to befound! Will the offensive stall?


All units fall back to the Bicol defence line with a garrison based on the1st Filipino XX left in the rough terrain west of the river at pascao. AtCorregido the last Res Pt is spent. The Japanese commander realises thatthe fort will not reach U-4 status until the end of May!


Apr I 1942


Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

4th Inf XX moves to Bataan to face off over the straits at Corregidor. In the area north of Lopez the 4th Dan XX leads infantry forces against the defenders and wipes out the defenders although the 4th Dan is cadred (3:1 +1 AECA = HX). In the wooded rough terrain NE of Lopez the Japanese light units fail to push the defenders back (2:1 -1 = AS).

Apr I 1942 US

The Allies fall back past Larap into wooded rough and jungle rough terrain. The Japanese commander is reportedly frustrated at his inability to finish the enemy – especially as several divisions are now cadred and reinforcements are few and far between.

Mar IV 1942


Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

A bombardment of Corregidor occurs – no damage results and the Imperial commander decides that this is a waste of time and doesn’t bother with the island for the next few weeks.

Three attacks are launched on the mountain redoubt, Lucena and Matbaun. At Matbaun the defence is thrashed and destroyed although some IJA losses occur (2:1 = HX). At Lucena the defenders are roughly handled and bundled out due to armoured superiority (2:1 + 1 AECA = DH). The survivors fall back toBurgos. These battles surround the retreat zones of the mountain redoubt and the Lt Mtn units easily dispose of the 11th XX and 41st cdr (3:1 -1 mtn = DR). MacArthur receives notice of his dismissal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff – he ignores it.


Res Pt spent at Corregidor, several units rebuilt (US and F) and sent to new defence line north and north east of Lopez where they meet forces falling back from the Lucena-Matbaun debacle. Mechanised units and assorted IIs and IIIs begin to form up behind the Bicol River 64 miles west of Legaspi.

Mar III 1942


Weather 11 – C&C 12 – C&C, 13 M&R

Units are rebuilt at batangas and thrown into battle with the rebuilt 4th XX. From Cebu the 38th XX and 16/20 sail to Batangas. Cavite is attacked to try and close the escape route of the units in Manila – the battle forces the US forces to retreat east (3:1 = DR). With the south closed off, IJA forces assault Manila (clear terrain due to open city status) and the Allied forces are unable to retreat and surrender to the Japanese – losses are heavy with the 12th US XX and 2nd F XX falling into the bag (4:1 = DR/ZoC scam). The massive allied stockpiles are torched by Logistics personnel to prevent them falling into Japanese hands. (Two Res Pts destroyed, 1 captured). In the exploitation phase, the 4th DAN XX enters the rough terrain South of Cavite. MacArthur denounces the Roosevelt administration in a radio broadcast from Legaspi.


Units retreat to Matbuan and Lucena with the 11th XX and 51st Cdr left in the mountains dominating the western approaches. Most formations are supported by AA and Artillery with USMC and Filipino IIs and Provisional IIIs defending rear area ports. 2 Res Pts are left (in Legaspi) while Corregidor goes to U-1 status (2 Res Pts on the Island).


Mar II 1942


Weather: C&C, C&Rough, Mud and Calm

The fort north of Manila is attacked and the surviving defenders fall back to the open city (4:1 -1 fort = DH) The 51st Cadre joins the defenders. North east of the city a Lt XX and the 4 Dan XX attack units based on the 41st XX and force them back (2:1 +2 AECA = DR). On the coast of Tayabas Bay several US and F IIIs are destroyed but at the cost of the 4th XX and Kure III. (2:1 = EX). MacArthur calls for urgent aid from Washington.

Japanese Infantry RPs land at Batangas, ready to rebuild some destroyed units.

In the exploitation phase, IJA forces enter Taytay, cutting off the Manila defenders from the rest of Luzon.


Several US units are rebuilt and sent into the front line. The Manila forces split their attacks in two directions – one attack against Taytay with help from units at Laymon Bay fails to shift the IJA defenders (2:1 -1 AECD = AS) South from Manila in conjunction with Arm/Mech units the Japanese defenders of Cavite are destroyed opening the southern route from Manila (1.5:1 +1 AECA = HX). The attackers advance into the town.


Mar I 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – M&C

38th XX lands at Cebu island.

Units for the 4th Dan Armoured XX begin to gather at Luzon. the 4th XX, SNLF IIIs and 21/62 III push the defenders of San Pablo out of the town (3:1 = DR).

At the MacArthur Line 5+ Japanese XXs hit the eastern most fort in the wooded rough terrain and with the aid of light units are able to break the line and force the defenders back (4:1 -2 fort and terrain = DR). MacArthur claims cowboy contractors used in the construction are to blame.

Cebu City – IJA forces attack much to the amusement of the Allies and the Attack is a stalemate with the only result being a waste of supplies (1:1 -1 rough = AS) [For some reason I thought Cebu City was clear terrain!! Doh]


Manila is decalred an open city and Res Pts are moved to the tail of Luzon. Units start to pull out of the line to new defensive positions in the south. The decision is made by MacArthur to pull his HQ back to Legaspi.

Feb IV 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – R&C

Units of the Yok Para III embark on transports and land unscathed from US fighter interception at Cavite – totally undefended by the Allies. The sons of Nippon launch a massive sea landing at Nasagubu and Batangas, using the Formosan regiments as the main forces. The PT-2 reacts out of Lucena and intercepts the fleets but is bombed out of existence at destroyer range before it can have any effect. CDs at Batangas try to interfere with the landings and successfully hits the Cruiser Myoko before being disrupted from other ships in the fleet.

At batangas the Kure III is disrupted coming ashore but the remaining IJN and IJA units force the defending Filipinos back to San Pablo (5:1 = DR).

During the exploitation phase, units move up to Cavite and capture a Res Pt north of San Pablo while a host of Infantry, Light Mountain units and a baseforce come ashore.

Further north, the northern end of the allied line is attacked by three Lt inf XXs and the defending Filipinos are forced back (3:1 = DR).


The Allies draw back to the MacArthur Line while the US 12th XX and attached F IIIs and Artillery attack across the river from Manila into Cavite, defended by the 48/1 For and Yok III. Zeros intercept A-24s supporting the attack and the last P-40E is aborted while the A-24 is killed. The attack is a disaster for the Allies (2:1 = AR). The units flee in terror to Taytay and can only be persuaded in the exploitation phase to reoccupy the empty capitol city.

To the east Armoured and Mechanised units attack the 2 For III north of San Pablo and destroy the exposed regiment, recapturing the Res Pts that had been seen by the Japanese earlier (2:1 +2 AECA = DH).

US Infantry and artillery are sent to San Pablo to join the defenders.


Feb III 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 C&C, 13 Mud & Rough

Mindanao – the 38th XX finally wipes out the pesky 102 [III] and the Sasebo III reforms and moves to Panay Island where it joins the Kure III. The 16/20 moves to Cebu Island. Frustrated at trying to hunt down the elusive NBV, the A1 II abandons Sandakan and moves to Iloilo where it meets up with its sister battalions and the 1 For III reforms.

Elsewhere – devout prayers are made for the health of the emperor.



Off the south coast of Mindanao, Merch 1 sets sail with its cargo of the 147th Art III. it is spotted by the Myoko which is low on fuel so at equal speed to the transports. The cruiser misses twice shooting before the transports are able to open the distance and escape with their cargo to Lucena. The Japanese Commander rolls about on the floor drumming his heels and frothing in anger. MacArthur sends press statement outlining how he personnally planned the mission. No mention is made of Merchant Flotilla 4…..


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