Dec I 36

Insurgent Player Turn

Weather over the Iberian Penisula worsens considerably (Winter in Zone D, Mud in Zone E, Rough in both sea zones). Both sides have supply problems along the border between Andalusia and Murcia, and to a lesser extent along the Cordillera Central. The 2 Av XX is formed from the 2 LE III.

With the Loyalists at Salamanca and the bridge over the Tajo RIver at 2218 both now U-2, the Insurgents are now in a good position to attack. Bad weather doesn’t really hamper the attack at Salamanca (6:1 -1 = DE), but on the attack on the bridge, many causalities result as the attackers are exposed to defensive fire longer as they struggle thru the mud. Still, they manage to take the position (5:1 -3 = EX). In this battles, the Condor Legion gets its first taste of ground combat as the Dro II takes part in the attack, despite the weather being distinctly unsuited to armor tactics.

Loyalist Player Turn

The French border is reopened. Four divisions are formed from 1-strength units: the 6th, 8th, 26th (An), & 30th (Cat). The battleship taskforce suffers accidental mine damage in the harbor at Gijon. With weather not particullarly condusive to active operations, the Loyalists concentrate on shoring up weak sectors of their lines.

Dec II 36

Insurgent Player Turn.

The weather moderates a bit (Mud in Zone D, Clear in Zone E, Rough seas in the Atlantic, Calm in the Med.) but the Insurgent forces are in no condition to lauch any attacks and have to focus on tiding up their lines and taking control of the rail line south of Salamanca, finally establishing firm communications between the northern and southern parts of Insurgent Spain.

Loyalist Player Turn.

Three more divisions are formed from 1-strength units, the 1st, 25th (An), & 28th (An), as the Loyalists continue to be content to make small adjustments in their lines.