Those Soviet forces who are able fall back to the Second Line (Pskov, arch to Velujki Luki than south to Kiev) do so.  South of Kiev a large body of infantry divisions are marching East from isolated positions on the old border so the  defence line temporarily moves West here and then along the old Rumanian border to the coast.

Local screening forces are positioned in forest and marshlands around Minsk and the city itself is being defended. Stragglers remain in the Pripet moving slowly East except where they can interdict key rail lines and junctions.

Trapped soviet forces include a number of powerful Tank and Mech Corps formations  and these strike to attempt to breakout, interdict rail lines or inflict losses.

The Axis are unpleasantly surprised to encounter the large formations of T34s a tank they were till now not aware existed. These local counter attacks achieve success against a number of targets. A lone 8-6 inf div is cadres West of Kaunas and a key rail line taken. South of Lvov an entire corps of 3 light divisions is obliterated to cadres and in the far south a large stack of supporting arms of the 11th Army is eliminated and the bold 1St Rumanian Tank division isolated.

Only at Bialystok is the savage Soviet reprisal checked when a 3  corps strong Tank breakout attempt is foiled by one of the 8-6 infantry divisions leavened by Heavy Flak holding the ring . Even here though small units manage to exfiltrate along the north of the  marshes and re-establish supply to the previously isolated pocket.

Total Losses  Jun II 41 Soviet Non isolated 110,   Isolated 87

Axis non isolated German 44 Rumanian 4.