AGN The Motorised support from Riga screen Leningrad south of the lakes and the panzers move East to pincer the small  blocking force at Daugavpils meeting a panzer force moving north. The Soviet transports just escape but leave the Para infantry they had flown in to take out stranded on the runway facing annihilation.

AGC The Mech corps at Siauliai is contained and the Bialystok pocket further reduced. Advance elements pick off stragglers and assemble West of Vitebsk ready to strike in force. Minsk is screened by advance infantry forces. Moto mech recons in force into the Eastern Pripet seal the marshes and trap the few remaining soviet units.

AGS. The advance panzer force hits the right flank of the outer Kiev defensive crescent and remove it from play.  The 11th Pz div crosses the river north of Kiev into the swamps however the bulk of the force swings south and traps the outer Kiev defensive ring by meeting the other arm of the pincer which has overrun a single 3-6 inf div near the south end of the soviet defences.   The pincers meet trapping two mech corp and a front line division plus assorted support troops.

Other forces screen the two mech corps barring the route south to Umman and attempt to trap the fleeing mass of soviet infantry.

Around Lvov a lone surviving Mech corps and mountain division is contained along the Hungarian border.

11th Army.

The Soviet destruction of 1st Rumanian Tank’s support has forced that unit to move north to safety so some soviets will escape. The foot soldiers continue to chip away at forts and lone infantry divisions but the strong Soviet defensive line over the river remains intact. In the far south the Rumanians are nipping at the heals of Soviets fleeing East.

Finland. The fins are experiencing a phoney war and have not yet committed, content to fortify the direct route to Helsinki while the German 7-6 from Sweden and two Panzer battalions from Army Norway move into  position.

The intention is to await developments and not get committed to a full engagement until the soviet line is weakened by transfers south or where conversely  there is a need to draw off Soviet troops when the German infantry of AGN move on Leningrad. They will in the meantime take targets of opportunity and probe north of Lake Lagoda.

Soviet Losses Unisolated  30 AFs plus 6 forts,    Isolated 78 factors plus 1 fort.

Germans Ix 8-6 reduced.