The destruction of soviet frontier forces is almost complete. The front line has simply ceased to exist along much of the front.

AGN. Mech forces stormed Riga, Thanks to copious NGS the defenders were simply pushed out which does deter any exploitation North East of the river. Gorky and Kirov escaped to sea but 5 whole Soviet fighter squadrons were caught on the ground and sent straight to the remnant pile.  Meanwhile infantry cleared the rail line through to Wilno.

AGC: Has encircled a Tank Corp at Siauliai and encircled 3 more Mechanised groups plus assorted infantry and cavalry  in a large pocket East of Bialystok. The main Panzer force has decided to leaguer around Wilno to ensure supply for the Jul I turn

AGS: Lvov was taken on the second assault. Here however the Axis decided to confront head on a large mechanized group at Pt 5022 which was blocking the direct route towards Kiev.  Firing over open sights from their hilltop redoubt the Soviets cadred the 2nd Pz and an equal amount of assorted support troops were eliminated. The Soviet tankers were in turn annihilated but at a heavy cost.  (EX).

Other elements of AGS have circled south to link with 11th Army and the Rumanian Armoured division thrusting NE from the border and have isolated a large group of infantry divisions guarding the old border.

Lead Panzer corps are now at the outskirts of Zhitomar. They have been less successful than AGC however at clearing rail lines and the Advanced Rule broad gauge line through Lvov actually imposes a very severe block on progress because it needs converting to just past the city because the Soviets  still control a toe hold on the Southern Prypet and block the line there. AGS has positioned trucks to extend the line or for expenditure until the Lvov line can be converted.

Army Norway has secured Petsamo and is moving to occupy the small peninsular to the north.  Finally sending  armoured elements south to the Finnish Theatre.