The Germans open the offensive with a devastating Surprise turn catching the Soviets completely off guard.

Rolling enough sixes to win a car at a charity event AGS blows an 80 mile wide hole in the front line extending SW from Kowel almost to the suburbs of Lvov;  although a half-hearted assault by infantry fails to take the city. (NE)

In the north AGN makes a less spectacular start but is only faced with cadres and fleeing remnants across a  50 mile gap.  Further south AGC crosses the river west of Wino in force and is anticipated to engage Western MD reserves guarding the approach to Minsk within a week gaining freedom to detach recon elements to Beranowicze to seal the fate of all bypassed resistance north of the Pripet.

Losses: Soviet Defence factors. Isolated = 19. Non-isolated = 96.  Axis losses = 0