The Europa Magazine #18 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #18 – Cover

Published MAR-APR 1991


  • “GR/D Briefing” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “Situation Report: From the Editor” (Editorial) Rick Gayler
  • “Inside Europa: Grand Europa Material for Balkan Front” (Variant Discussion) John Astell (Balkan Front)
  • “Facts behind the Counters (NATO Symbology)” (Historical) Shelby Stanton
  • “It’s how you play the Game: Tunisian Thunder” (Strategy) Jean-Guy Rathe (Torch)
  • “Europa Online: Looking Ahead to Grand Europa” (Discussion) Roy Lane
  • “In the Center of it All” (Strategy) Carleton T. Lum, III (Scorched Earth)
  • Grand Europa Combat and Terrain Effects Chart” (Variant Discussion) Victor Hauser (Grand Europa)
  • “Up Front with Task Force Johnson: Inside the Task Force at Origins ’90” (Variant Discussion) Graham Stephens
  • “The Iraqi Petroleum Company: Pipelines Through the Near East” (Historical) Frank Watson (The Near East)
  • “Plan Y?: Because We Like It” (Strategy) Mark Pitcavage (Balkan Front)
  • “Magerrata” (Discussion) GR/D Staff
  • “Rules Court” (Discussion) Rick Gayler (Scorched Earth)
  • “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership