(Skip ahead if you wish to see how events unfold first.)

The final days of Madrid were quick but not painless.  The remaining government in disarray still suffering in-fighting and a failed coup on the evening before the collapse flees South infiltrating where they can through the weaker holding forces over the Jarama river.

Nationalist columns pushing in from all fronts force the eventual collapse of the beleaguered defenders. There is no resistance as the “Reds” lay down their arms. The army of the West signalled at 2. p.m.  on the 25th “Many prisoners, including Russians”; On the 27th,” “Our artillery begins shelling at 0.50.0 No movement seen in Red lines . Infantry assaults at 0.600. The Reds have evacuated.  Only a few left in their lines the rest have run away.”

As the troops of General Espinosa move into the centre of the city many balconies fly white flags some with the addition of the flag of “Old Spain”.

Military police and Falange arrive next brandishing their own style of repression and yet restraint not present elsewhere is evident with patrols specifically ordered to prevent revenge killings. Priests are in the streets blessing the populace and fighters alike and civil guards appear in their old uniforms hidden for the last couple of years in attics and basements.

Peace, of a sort, returns to Madrid.

Nationalists Turn

Weather;  Land; North (D)= Mud. South (D) =  Mud.  Seas;  Med = Rough. Atlantic = Rough
Supply: Madrid Pocket (U4 isolated) dices for elimination;  No losses
Replacements: 1.5 SPR, recovered. 1-6 sec 8GC, 1-8 lt 1, 0-1-5 cons 1 (Req)

Air Activity;
Sortie 2; Ju52g$e, HE 111B (KL) breaks rail line at 3023
Sortie 2: 2X Cr.32 escort mxd A to bomb Lorca airfield (4212) Intercepted by i-16/t25. Aborts CR.32 and is aborted itself. Bombs miss.

Attacks;  None

Republican Turn

VPs : Lack of Goberneto collapse (+15 VPs)
French border; Open
Supply: Madrid Pocket checks for elimination (U4 isolated)  5-6 inf XX11Ch cadred
Air Activity;I-16/t10 escorts 2X SB-2, R-5  to Soria (2403) . intercepted by Me 109B (KL). Fighters fail to inflict damage. Bombs break rail line.
Attacks: None