Oct II 37

(Clear all zones)

Japanese Player Turn

In Shanghai, the emphasis on operations moved south of the Whangpoo, with a taskforce based on the 3rd and 11th Res [XX]’s attacking and seizing the eastern hex of Shanghai for a HX result against the defending CA forces. In Shansi, units advanced slowly as engineers in the rear worked feverishly to provide reliable supply lines to the front line forces. In Hopei, a sweeping pincer movement attacked the eastern flank of the 1st War Front with several divisions along the Wei and Laiochang Rivers. It was intended the Mot. 9/5th Mtn X, 4D Mtn Art III and assorted tank units would then sweep into the rear of the pinned CA XX’s along the Chema and Ting Rivers. Numerous attacks were launched, and a 4 hex wide gap blown into the 1st War Front’s flank. The scene is set for a blitzkrieg – oriental style! In Shangtung, the 14th Lt XX attacks the Manchurian garrison of Tsingtao, eager for revenge for its earlier humilation in Sep II and forces the Manchurian divisions to retreat across the straits. The DCTF is forced to sea where it falls prey to the waiting Japanese fleet.

Chinese Reaction Movement

In something akin to the miracle of the Marne, the 1st War Front makes its reaction roll, allowing the movement of the MNF 30th XX and CA 2nd Art III to take up positions behind a convenient bend in the Hoto River, blocking any exploitation movement by the Japanese to Shihkiachuang! Chinese public opinion goes wild, and the press lauds the hero of Hoto River as a great warrior and future hope for China. The War Front Commanding General is presented the highest decorations available to Chinese forces by Chiang Kai Shek himself in a ceremony at the front line before being posted to supervise railway construction in Yunnan.

Japanese exploitation movement

The Mech/Motorised force based on the 9/5th Mtn X advances to contact the MNF 30th XX, accompanied by much swearing and cursing.

Chinese Player Turn

In Hopei the CA and MNF forces flee from the Chama river positions to occupy forts prepared behind the Ting River. the MNF 30th/CA 2nd Art III is reinforced and Hopei worlord units sent to eastern Hopei to try and slow the 2nd Army. In Shansi the critical Ladies Pass is fortified in anticipation of Hopei falling. North of Yangku forts are built – soon Shansi will be a ring of steel. In Shangtung, a mighty offensive is launched against a solitary Japanese regiment of the 26th XX, but it fails horribly and Chinese forces flee from battle (2:1, AR).

Japanese Reaction Movement

The 1st Army makes its roll and Tsingyuan falls. An attack on the CA New 2nd XX causes a ZOC DR result and Hokien is seized. In October a total of 11 cities have fallen to the japanese and numerous CA XX’s have been lost – some permanently.