Oct I 37

(Clear all zones)

Political Events

All quiet in the political spectrum. Rumors in the press of a joint KMT/Communist war council being set up are scoffed at by KMT Government sources, who claim that bandits are not accorded the rights of legitimate government.

Japanese Player Turn

In Shangtung the advance continues to the Wei River by the 101st and 108th Lt XX. Other units manouver for future turns. In Shansi the Senda, 6th Lt XX and Mot 1DK Lt X destroy a Shansi Corp with supporting MNF X’s defending Pingsingkwan. others units are held up in their attacks by dogged Chinses defenders. In Hopei the defenders of Ihsien are totally destroyed by a task force based around the 27th Lt XX and 10th Res [XX]. Towards the coast, Chinese defences are blown wide open by a number of DE result attacks along the Pohai Wan coast. Numerous units are lost by the Chinese, including a number of valuable supported divisions. In Shanghai, the SEF begins to advance along the coast, keeping clear of the city hexes in order to gain the best positioning for assaulting the city. (Basically an advance to the north of the city to get optimum forces from three hexes onto one urban hex). CA forces defending Piamoukou are forced back. Chinese 1st War Front makes reaction roll: Units moved to strengthen defences of Tsingyuan.

Japanese exploitation movement: In Shansi, Senda mechanised and Mot. 1DK Lt X over run numerous unmanned forts, the Shansi construction X and the HQ of the 2nd War Front. China is devastated by the loss of it’s “Maginot” of the far east! In Hopei, the Mot. 9/5th Mnt X and attached Tank/Lt tank units overun a handful of MNF Cavalry units and a CA RR Engineer. The Tsinpu RR to Tehsien is now japanese owned with only six unsupported Honan Divisions between the 2nd Army and the heartland of Shangtung.

Chinese Player Turn

The northern front has become three seperate campaigns – Shansi, seperated by mountains from Hopei, seperated by swamp and canals from Shangtung. In Shansi, the Chinese units flee in terror from Yieghsien, fearful of being cut off by the mechanised forces in their rear. They begin to occupy the rough terrain along the upper Hoto River. Japanese forces would be out of supply if they advanced to this area without the Peking-Suiyan railway being operational. In Hopei, Hopei units were fed carefully back into the front line to face the Japanese, but without being able to stack with the CA XX’s were vulnerable. In Shangtung, troops from Central China were railed into help form a defence line based on the Yellow River. Large amounts of ground was abandoned to the Japanese and numerous gaps remained in the line facing the 2nd Army. In Shanghai, more troops were sent into the front line.