Nov I 37

(Frost Zones 3,4 & 7, Mud 12, Clear elsewhere)

Political Events

Through favaourable explanations in the press, the KMT Government explain the grevious losses in October as ‘necessary for national survival’, and political protests over the governments management of the war to date ‘bad for the yang’. The country remains calm and maintains faith in its political leadership. In Tokyo, chuffed by the success of October operations, opens the remainder of Central China for operations, confident a swift end to the conflict can be brought about. (Rolled 11)

Japanese Player Turn

Attacks by the 1st Lt XX, 1 DK Lt X, Senda on MNF Forces in the mountains results in 5:1 odds (Great wall actually worked in favour of defenders). Attack results in EX. Further to the east the 6th Lt XX and support units attacks the CA 1Ls Cav and two Shansi Cav XX’s for a HX. Lots of losses by Japanese forces in the region leads to the local commander committing Seppuku. In Hopei, the new defence lines of the Chinese result in mixed results for Japanese attacks (DRs, AS and AR’s) The defence line is buckled, but not broken. In Shangtung, three Szechuan XX’s and the 3rd Art III are destroyed by a large Japanese attack. Units begin to advance into the rough terrain east of Tsingtao, crossing below the main defences set up by the Chinese to face the 2nd Army on the Yalu River. In Shanghai, and attack by four Lt XX’s and several seige units fails to take the northern hex of Shanghai. generally a disappointing result following the heady days of October

Chinese Player Turn

Chekiang is reinforced with MSF units in case of amphibious landing (the IJN Marine units having long since been returned to Japan since the success at Wosung). In Shangtung and Hopei, the Chinese scramble desperately for more troops to form a defence line. Only in Shansi is there some satisfaction that the Japanese can be held with the available forces. The Shansi warlord has a full complement of forces with numerous forts and defence lines. Oh bitter hubris!!!