Sep II 37

(Mud Zone 12, clear elsewhere)

Japanese Player Turn

Large quantities of reinforcements arrive in North China, with the government recognising the need to answer the China question once and for all. In Central China, units are built up and landed to begin formation of a battering ram that will take the city of Shanghai in the future weeks. A single 2:1 by the units of the SEF results in a DR and the city hex is snapped up. The Chahar Expeditionary Force sends a Jehol cavalry XX and artillery II to take Suiyan. Attacks by Japanese and Manchukou units seize Kweiwatung and advances towards Paotao.

The 6th Lt XX encircles three MNF Cavalry units in rough ground near Yuhsien destroying them all in a ZOC retreat scam. The subsequent advance after combat blocks the retreat of a mixed Shansi/MNF force defending the junction of the Yang/Sangkan Rivers who are attacked by the armoured might of the Senda, Mot. 1DK Lt X and NCG [XX]. The result is a DR and the units are defenders are destoryed, tearing a gap in the Shansi defence line. Further south, Japanese units advance to the Chema River, with no attacks occurring (especially the 20th Lt XX which is awaiting a new commander). Towards the coast, a task force based on the 16th Lt XX destroys two Manchurian XX in the swampy ground at the junction of the Tzuya and Liaochang Rivers.

South of the Machang, the 10th Lt XX, 5th Mnt XX and assorted units attack the CA 41st and Manchurian 73rd XX, expecting an easy victory. The result is less than satisfactory (DR) and the chinese retreat in a manner that makes exploitation risky. A concurrent attack launched into the wooded intermittent lake ground across the Machang by the 9th and 109th Lt XX’s fails (AS), despite heavy artillery and air support. The victorious CA 32nd and Manchurian 101st and 108th XX’s taunt the Japanese soldiers as they swim back to the japanese side of the river. In Shangtung a large number of overruns occur, and in a bold move, the 27/4th Lt X marches across the peninsular to attack the Manchurian units (2nd and 130th) holding Tsingtao, but bitter defence of the urban hex holds off the attacking force. The 28/4th X also suffers embarrassment SE of Chengfoo when it is forced to retreat in its attack against Shangtung Warlord forces defending wooded rough terrain.

Chinese Player Turn

Hopei divisions are rebuilt, but placement is limited to cities free from other Chinese units. Honan and Szechuan forces, for weeks on the march from their homelands, are railed into Hopei and Shangtung to help take the burden of defence. In Shanghai, the defences are reorganised. In Shansi, withdrawals continue to forts along the railway and in the hills.