S,S,S, M & R,R

Axis Player Turn

The 181 and 198 XXs arrive in Denmark to counter the British threat. The
214 XX attempts to take Aarhus but is held back by the stubborn (and now
supported) Danes. 169 and 170 XX try and destroy the last of the Danes at
Hoelbaek but the Danes again retreat and live to fight another day (6:1 =

To open up Sweden and crush the spa dabblers once and for all, Army Group
Sweden attacks out of Malmo with its host of elite mountain units, tanks,
motorised AA and infantry. The advancing Germans run headlong into the
waiting Swedish infantry who, a bit peeved at the spa dabbler comment,
counter-attack and force the Germans back (AR result). With no space to
retreat to, the entire German expeditionary force (bar the two regiments to
the east) are lost! AG Sweden is no more! Berlin is stunned. With one
roll of the dice, Germany is basically out of the game.

In Finland another attack into 4717 fails – this time the Soviets are pushed
back from their start lines (AR). Stalin wonders why can’t he get a simple
EX result. At Lake Janis the Finns and British are subjected to a massive
attack which is bloody for both sides (2:1 -2 = EX). The road to Kubno is
opened up with the defenders outside the town pushed back (5:1 – 3 = DR).
At Ilomantsu the defenders are crushed and the town lays open to Soviet
occupation (9:1 = DE).

Allied Player Turn

In Finland the 21st and 23rd XX*s arrive at Lake Janis while the French 8CA,
27 CA and 302 Art IIIs occupy Ilomantsu to try and stem the Red Army
advance. Weelington Bombers arrive over Estonia and try and shutdown the
airbase in operation there but are unsuccessful (no hits). An assorted
range of units (French Mtn Art, the Scots Guards, 51st Art II etc) arrive
around Kubno to try and support the Finns.

At Kristianstad the Swedes encircle the remaining German forces and with
superior winter skill smash and destroy these pathetic remnants of the
Whermacht. (3:1 = DR). To show international solidarity, the 1st Swedish
XX arrives at Stavanger by rail, ready to head to Denmark.

In that flat country, the 49WR XX and battlegroup based around the 2 Jyl HQ
try and chase away the 214 XX from the outskirts of Aarhus but a stalemate
results (AS).