S,S,S,W & R & Calm

Axis Player Turn

Ribbentrop calls on the Scandanavian Ambassadors and announces their perfidity in dealing with Britain and France has meant Germany must protect its interests in the north. German troopships and the KM set sail in the Baltic to land troops at Kobenhjaven, Trelleborg, Oslo and Karlshamn while the Luftwaffe send troops to Aarhus.

Denmark – The PF Border III is overrun by the 214XX who attacks the 2SF III in Haderslev – the Danes pull back from the battle (DR). Aarhus is seized, with one para battalion disrupted while the GG II and 13th Motorised MG II race into Odense and Nyborg, seizing Fyn Island.

At Kobenhjaven the KM engages the CD of the city. Lutzow is hit by the Danes CD but it is suppresed by other units allowing two regiments of the 170XX to land in the city – massive unfavourable odds severly disrupt one regiment but the other III, with extensive air and sea support are able to seize the city from the defenders – unfortunately the Danish governemnt
escapes to Holbaek while the Life Guards fall back from the city. Much swearing and cursing is heard in the German HQ as it is realised that Denmark will continue to fight on.

At Trelleborg a III of the 69th XX lands and seizes the port. At Karlshamn another regiment of the 69th XX land and is joined in the follow up phase by a second III and Divisional HQ. Karlskrona, empty of units sent to the north under Abwehr forged orders late last year, stands ready to receive its new masters…… To support this effort LW planes attempt to break the rail line in Southern Sweden but intense cold freezes up the bomb sights and no hits are made.

The convoy bound for Norway presses past Mittlegrund but no hits are made on either side and the KM approaches the entrance to Oslo fjord. CD in 4109 inflict one hit on the Scharnhorst and DD Flotilla 1. The landing in Oslo appear to be looking good as the two transported regiments flood ashore against the King’s body guard battalion, but one regiment is severly disrupted and another eliminated – the resulting odds are too hard for the Germans and all are killed on the shore line by the single Norwegian battalion. Berlin is devastated. To add insult to injury, the Gneisenau
suffers two hits to Norwegian CDs on the way home.


Another attack is launched on 4717 but is repulsed (3:1 -3 = AS). Near Suojarvi the renegade FNA XXs attack at full strength, inspired by unit commissars exhorting them to patriotic deeds. With other Soviet forces they push the Finnish 12th XX and RV Ski X back into Suojarve itself (4:1 – 2 = DR). On the road to Ilomantsi just inside the SU boder area, the 13th XX is destroyed in a bloody battle but the Soviets also lose several units (3:1 – 3 = HX).

In the far north the attempt to Salia begins but despite the favouable numbers the Soviets nearly panic and flee from battle but NKVD units stationed behind them hold them steady with a few well aimed bursts of machine gun fire. (4:1 = AR changed to AS). At Kutsamo the Soviets try and
drive back the single Ski units defending the wooded rough terrain leading to the town. Uncle Joe has a quick roll about on the floor and snaps his pipe stem when despite odds of 9:1, the result allows the Finns to escape unharmed (9:1 = DR). At Suomussalmi the 2/LR III* is exchanged for the 9th Eng III (5:1 = EX)

Allied Player Turn

Full mobilisation begins and Swedes pour south to block off the German beachheads. Karlskrona is filled up and ports and towns along the Skagerrak garrisoned. Lund is stuff full of troops. In Norway units begin to gather together in preperation to convert to tougher formations. In Finland the British 5th XX and 27CA arrive by rail just west of Suomussalmi while the RVV Ski X* arrives SE of Kutsamo. Near Lake Ladoga the 6th XX falls back from its long held positions in Pitkaranta to the isthmus between Lakes Janis and Ladoga while the 12th XX and 67/23 III dig in at Suojarvi.

In transit, the 42nd XX, 302 Art III and 5 CA arrive at Tomio ready for being railed into Finland next turn. The RMFU arrives at Stavanger while the 49th WR XX arrives in Trondheim. Gladiators fly into Joensuu and the Blen 4F HF rebases to Lappeenranta.

In Denmark, the Danes attack the paratroopers in Aarhus with Bomber Command flying ground support. Much to the delight of the allies, the paras are herded up into captivity and sent by tramp ship to prisons in Scotland. (2:1 = HX) The JD Cavalry unit is lost in the exchange.