S,S,S,M & R,C

To try and drive the British out of the country, an attack is lauched by
198, 214 and 181 XXs on 49th WR XX, but mud and the woods they occupy turn
it into a German nightmare (3:1 -3 = AH). The German CinC language is very
ungentlemanly and totally lacks dignity in defeat. As a sop to his pride
the 170 and 196 XX finally destroys the Danes at Korsor. its only taken
them 8 weeks to do so………

In Finland another attack goes in at 4717 – again the Soviets flee from
battle! (4:1 = AR). Around Lake Janis an attack into Sortavala seizes the
town from its defenders (5:1 -1 = HX). The French in Ilomantsu are
subjected to a massive attack by the Red Army and are basically swamped by
the enemy, but not before forcing an exchange result. Rather than lose his
loyal NKVD regiment involved in the battle, Comrade Stalin throws a couple
of Rifle XXs into the scrap heap.

A quick count of the Demoralization Points for Finland reveals a total of
10. Stalin is chuffed until Chamberlain points out that due to Allied
Intervention the actual number is only 0! Stalin blames Molotov.

Allied Player Turn

A massive convoy of Allied units dumps its cargo at the beaches of Thyboron
– the 1st Canadian, 1st Swedish and 49 WR XXs wade ashore while French
Chasseurs continue to arrive in Finland. A pull back from Janis begins
towards the lakes wo the west.