S,S,S, Mud and R & C

Axis Player Turn

The thaw in southern Sweden and Denmark is greeted with groans of dismay by
the Germans. The 14th MG II struggles to make it to Thyboron – the only
port accessible to the British and french to reinforce the Danes but falls
16 miles short. At Copenhagen the 170th XX forms up and with airlifted
elements of the 196th XX attack the Danes in Roskilde. The mud interferes
with the attack and the Danes withdraw to Hoelbaek (5:1 -2 = DR).
Mittlegrund is captured. The 214th XX attacks the 2nf SF III in Frederica
and again the Danes escape, this time to Vejle (6:1 -2 = DR).

In Sweden units are airlifted or landed at Trelleborg to join the lone III
of the 69th XX. Malmo is captured and an effective beachhead is secured.
The other two 69th XX regiments and Div HQ move to Krisitanstad, away from
the Swedish build up in Karlskrona.

In Finland massive Soviet attacks are launched on the Finns. The RVV X* and
1/LR III are attacked but the Soviets suffer a terrible defeat (2:1 = AH).
The breakthrough to the beleagured defenders of Kubno begins with two
guerillas attacked. the results are mixed (9:1 = DE and 3:1 = AR – courtesy
of the NKVD). East of Ilomantsi in the forests the Soviets drive out the
Finnish defenders (8:1 -3 = DR). Attacks on Suojarvi and 4717 result in
bitter disapointment to Comrade Stalin with neither attack having any affect
(5:1 and 4:1 resulting in AS – where is an EX or HX when you need one??)

Allied Player Turn

The Danish 1 Jyl HQ forms up at Aarhus and Bornholm’s militia are called out
for service. The Norwegians and Swedes finish mobilising. The 49th WR XX
arrives in Halmsted by rail and the 24th Gds X* arrives at Stavanger
allowing the 44th HC XX to land at Thyboron and attack and destroy the 14th
MG II. The British have arrived in Denmark! The Danish Govt relocates to
Aarhus and the LG III is airlifted to to join it.

In Finland the 42nd EL XX arrives to join the Finnish 6th at Lake Janis
while the 5th XX, 27CA III and RVV 1 X* attack the 54th Rifle XX in
Suomussalmi. The battle destroys the 54th but shatters the 5th XX (6:1 – 3
= EX). Suojarvi is abandoned and Finns pull back towards the “new” line
around Lake Janis. Wellington Bombers base at Stockholm, able to threaten
most axis locations in the theatre.