Weather: A&B  = Mud, C,D,G =  Clear.

Finland; Offensive operations grind to a halt in the far North for lack of supplies. The Kreigsmarine ferry more across the Baltic for railing to the front.

A standoff continues further south.

AGN Unable to progress further over the railine in the face of Guards division entering the Soviet line the Germans simply widen their grip on the Valdai by a DH on a weak Soviet stack.

Just north of Kalinin a pure infantry/artillery assault pushes one hex further East towards the rail line from the East to the forested junction NW of the city.

AGC; Mired up to their axils the Panzers just manage to destroy the Soviet force holding the supply line to Moscow open and Moscow is Isolated for a second time.

Forces further West reach Bryansk in force and destroy the token resistance left in the fortified city.

Orel is now the only city in the sector west of the front line still in Soviet hands.

AGS The majority of the Panzers are stuck East of the Moscow/Tula fortified line as each side plays “isolate and relieve” with the other. The mud in sector B has frustrated any attempt at supplying the units who try to maintain contact and pull back to a tighter line.

Mobile and infantry units move as fast as they can north to re-establish contact and manage to eliminate 2/3rds of the Soviet blocking force which had been thrown across the breach.

Kharkov is again surrounded but now with a ring of continuous divisions. Infantry and artillery move into position but per the Fuhrer’s Directive make no attempt to storm the city.

Dnepropetrovsk falls.

11th Army: The arrival of the Rumanian Armoured division allows the Axis to attempt to breach the Soviet defence at the neck of the Crimea but the defenders earn their pay by retreating in good order and maintaining the line preventing a breakthrough to the interior.

Despite a pounding from the Luftwaffe which inflicted hits on most of the Black Sea fleet the ships still ferry supplies to Odessa which remains unassailable.

Attacks: Auto Elim = 9, diced for = 4

Losses; Isolated = 28. Unisolated = 20. Axis = 0.