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All Power to the People: An unofficial “Total War”-Playtest

A testament to the dedication and loaylty of the community. There, I always wanted to write such a sentence, and today I honestly have a reason for it: Robert, a member of the Europa mailing list, assembled a TW playtest set by using the TW maps and counters, and updating the FitE-rule set to modern Europa standards. His report of his solitaire game can be found at, and it would have made Winston proud.


  1. David Smuts

    The images are quite interesting and to anyone who does not have ther TW map, counters, rules such as me is left a little in the dark. Some questions that I would like to ask are:
    1) – What are the big red pegs? Nuclear bombs?
    2) – what rules are being used? From whence have they come?
    3) – what are the units whith the ?-?-? on them?

    A few things I notice are new:
    a) refit counters
    b) Ukrainian units/partisans
    c) unfamiliar factory unit in Odessa MD

    If someone could shed some light – with a little background info on these it would be well received :-)



    • chef

      Hi David,
      I have to agree, but unfortunately I know as much as you do about the playtest and cant answer your questions. The best advice I can give is to either ask at the blog itself or post something to the Europa mailing list at Yahoo… or maybe at our new forum ;)

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