The Europa Magazine #83 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #83 – Cover

(Vol.XV, No.1, 2002)


  • “Company Briefing: Producing Games” (Commentary) Carl Kleihege
  • “From the Editor: Glory Hallelujah” (Editorial) Frank Watson
  • “Inside EuropaWriting Europa Rules and Errata” (Discussion) John Astell
  • “Designers Desk: The Damned Die Hard Map Notes” (Designer Notes)  E. Goodwin (The Damned Die Hard)
  • Glory Desk – Battlefield Report: War of Resistance, Sandgroper Style” (Series Replay) Robert S. Williams (War of Resistance)
  • “Designers Desk:  Improving War of Resistance” (Designer Notes) Mark Royer (War of Resistance)
  • Europa Rules Index: War of Resistance, China 1937-41 Index” (Index) Michael Taylor  (War of Resistance)
  • Europa Rules Index:: The Damned Die Hard Index” (Index) Michael Taylor (The Damned Die Hard)
  • Glory Desk – Battle for the Central Pacific: Glory’s Cost: Tarawa” (Designer Notes) Michael J. Tapner
  • Glory Desk – Historical Background: The Gilberts” (Historical) Frank Watson
  • “Facts behind the Counters: Transports of Delight: A short guide to using all of those different naval transports in The Damned Die Hard” (Strategy) Peter Robbins (The Damned Die Hard)
  • “By the Numbers: It’s All in the Dice” (Discussion) Frank Watson
  • Glory Desk – Vital Flank: A Tenuous Hold – Ground Forces in Port Moresby During the Battle for the Coral Sea” (Designer Notes) Michael J. Tapner
  • Glory Desk – Historical Background: The Seven-Pronged Assault” (Historical) Michael J. Tapner