Game Settings

  • Game: War of Resistance
  • Scenario: Full Campaign Game
  • Optional Rules: All used
  • Game Played: Dec 98 – Jan 99
  • Game Lengh:
  • Game Turns played: 36 turns
  • Chinese Player: Robert Williams
  • Japanese Player:


Chinese Setup

In Hopei, the Manchurian and Hopei Divisions assigned to the area are massed along the Yungting River to try and aid the woeful strength of the unsupported Chinese rabble. Central Army (CA) artillery units are stationed in rail hexes in Hupei province for rapid transit north to Hopei to add some spine to the Chinese defence. Around Nanking, the cream of the CA is placed, ready to react north or towards Shanghai depending on circumstances.

Along the border of French Indo China and at Hengyang, RR engineer regiments are placed with Warlord construction units to begin construction of the railway to Honan. Throughout the reported time period, railways are extended here and in Yunnan to increase the infrastructure available for the defence of China.

Japanese forces are set up as per the OB